Friday, April 22, 2016

ISIS-American Planned To Infiltrate Jihadists Into The U.S. Through Mexico

by JASmius

Doubtless the tip of an enormous and enormously dangerous "ISIS"berg:

An American accused of trying to join the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group reportedly told investigators he told ISIS members about a smuggling route into the United States via Mexico.

According to Fox News Latino, Gules Ali Omar wanted a way for terrorists to get from Syria to the U.S. He reportedly told ISIS members about his plans before he was arrested in Minnesota....

The fear that ISIS would try to smuggle fighters into the U.S. via Mexico has been discussed for months. Last summer, a former FBI agent said if drug dealers can sneak narcotics across the border, ISIS can do the same with people.

Those comments came in the wake of ISIS' pledge to smuggle a nuclear weapon into the U.S. from Mexico.

What I wrote ten months ago still holds even truer today:

If ISIS "could" infiltrate the country via Mexican cartel tunnels, they already have and are continuing to do so. And the resulting attacks are not going to be piecemeal. If any lesson should have been learned from the 9/11 attacks, it is that to truly bring down the United States, you have to do a lot more than just "bloody our nose". All bringing down the World Trade Center towers and one side of the Pentagon accomplished was to sic what was then the mightiest military power on Earth against Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. By the end of the decade, al Qaeda really had been decimated and not long after that, din Laden was a corpse. It took the votes of sixty-[five] million American voters to truly begin the process of America's fall.

Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi has surely learned that lesson and will surely apply it. Which means that he's going to skip suicide bombings and go straight to WMDs, and the more spectacular the better. Whether that's nuking Manhattan or a radiological dusting of Chicago or wherever, ISIS's North American offensive will inflict casualties in the hundreds of thousands, if not more.

Because there's one other lesson that I'm positive ABa-B has learned: The 9/11 attacks ultimately led to the rise of Barack Obama and the decline of America. Sending up a major U.S. city or cities in nuclear flames is thus entirely likely to cause We the People to completely tear ourselves apart limb from limb - from the top down.

And now, f[if]teen years later, that kind of chaos would require not even a tap, much less a push.

And I wrote that not two weeks into Trumpmania, too.

For The Donald's sake, I hope he's not spending much time at home....

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