Friday, April 01, 2016

ISIS Churning Out Chemical Warheads In Mosul

by JASmius

Coming to a European airport or American subway near you:

The Islamic State (ISIS) has been making bombs and training [jihadis]ts at a chemistry lab in Iraq for a year, according to a new report.

The Wall Street Journal reports ISIS has made chemical bombs using peroxide and nitrate and suicide bombs similar to those used in the Paris and Brussels attacks at the University of Mosul.

"The University of Mosul is the best [ISIS] research center in the world," Iraqi General Hatem Magsosi told the Journal. "Trainees go to Raqqa, [Syria], then to Mosul university to use the existing facilities." [emphasis added]

Oh, joy.

The Obama Regime claims to have attempted to take out this ISIS chemical weapons factory with "airstrikes," but "can't confirm" whether the "airstrikes" were successful.  Or whether the "aircraft" were even armed.  And the "Iraqi army" can't confirm it either, because they run away from ISIS forces a tenth their size.

If you want something done right and you're not willing to do it yourself (via sufficient boots on the ground to recapture and hold territory), sit home and wait to be blown up, I guess.

And/or gassed.

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