Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kindergarten Gender-Bending In Britain

by JASmius

Stop,  Just stop.  F'ing stop.  Right now.  This instant.  Immediately.  Grabbing these tykes and selling them into pedophilic sex slavery in the Islamic State would be an only mildly more heinous act of child abuse than what British schools are bullying British parents into doing to their own young children:

A city council has sent a letter to thousands of parents "asking" them to support the gender their children “most identify with” when confirming school places.

My recollection of being four years old, both from personal experience and having been a parent, is that the primary concern of children at that age, insofar as they have any, is to avoid spontaneous incontinence.  "Gender" is a term and concept that will either go straight over their heads or they'll mistake as the name of the kid who was duped into wiping out the Formic by Harrison Ford by forcing the alien bugs to figure out what in the blue hell "gender fluid (I thought wet dreams didn't happen until almost a decade later), agender (Which one?), androgynous, tri gender, non binary, genderqueer, demi-boy, demi-girl, trans boy, and trans girl" meant until they all spontaneously combusted.

My knowledge of genetic fact is that "God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them".  And whether you believe that God made you the "gender" you are or it was a random outcome of the meiotic dance of the spermflies, you've got either two X's or an X and a Y, that cannot be changed, and you will be (if your parents are not similarly infected with this mass pervcosis) guided and socially acclimated to that already existent and immutable "gender".

Unless you have the profound misfortune to live in "Brighton and Hove," which sound like the British version of "Bartles and Jaymes".

The letter, sent this week, "requested" that parents help their children “choose” their gender identity, asking them to leave the gender section of the form blank if their child is non-binary.

When I was growing up, "non-binary" would have meant "has one too many or one too few testicles in his nutsack".

“We recognise that not all children and young people identify with the gender they were assigned at birth or may identify as a gender other than male or female, however the current systems (set nationally) only record gender as male or female,” read the letter.

“Please support your child to choose the gender they most identify with.”

Why would your child ever get the mentally deranged notion that there were any more than two, and that he or she wasn't one of them?  I don't have to pose the question of where they would ever get such a mentally deranged notion, as the letter pretty much answers that question.  I simply cannot make up my mind whether it's more outrageous that the school is trying to conscript parents as their perv accomplices, which at least makes decent, sane parents aware of this crazy debauched early recruitment, or the school keeping quiet about it and trying to sexually confuse schoolchildren on their own.  Which apparently they are not sufficiently competent at it to do or they would not be enlisting parental connivance in twisting their own kids.

If I were a Brighton parent, I'd have had my son check the "boy" box and my daughter check the "girl" box and drill them both in recitation if their teachers ask of why they need "help" "identifying" with that as which their genitalia alone defines them.  I might have had them drop trou just to provide additional confirmation, except I really wouldn't want my kids anywhere near anybody who traffics, or swims laps, in "gender fluid," much less doing smart-alecky strip teases before them.

This is a unique reason why I'm looking forward to grandparenthood, both because my wife and I raised our kids sanely and in full possession of their "gender" sanity and all the rest of their marbles, which will I'm sure include home-schooling for the grandkids, assuming the feds haven't banned it by then.  And if I catch wind of a detestably daffy letter like this being sent home with them, I won't hesitate in coaching them in snappy answers as well, since their parents will be of like mind....

...."There's a stem on my apple, numbnut!"

Ridicule is the only way to combat this blighted nonsense.  If you try to construct logical, reasoned arguments against what is fundamentally loony,  And when the gender-benders get reflexively pissy about it, just keep pouring on the derision.

Think of it as the Alinskyist thing to do.

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