Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mr Constitution: Trump or Cruz?

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Does it have to be an either/or?

Each candidate has his pluses and minuses, but what fascinates me is that the two camps have become an "You are either 100% with me, or you are 100% against me" kind of proposition.  My refusal to come out with an opinion supporting one or the other fully has a few folks bothered.  So, let's clear the air.

I usually begin my articles about Donald Trump with "I don't like Trump, but. . ." I do, indeed, fully understand, and sympathize a little, with the Trump supporters.  I get it, the Republican Party has been a bunch of spineless cowards, or in some cases complicit with the Democrats (or at least strategically it seems that way).  A portion of the conservative base, and other Trump fans, have been looking for a stick in the spokes of the political machine, a bigger hammer in the establishment's rock yard.  Trump is that stick.  Trump is that bigger hammer.

News regarding the campaigns have been good and bad for both candidates, and I report them objectively.  For the most part, most of the way, it has been anybody's ballgame. . . until the need to fully understand the political process became necessary.  Then, Trump began to get smacked, and rather than recognize that the problem is him and his lack of a ground game, not the system, the Trump camp began to cry foul.  "The system's not fair," they scream.  Isn't that something you'd expect out of the mouth of a leftist Democrat?

When it comes to the delegates, as I told my Constitution Classes, their party, their rules. The problem is not the rules, the problem is that everyone does not fully understand them, and those that do are taking full advantage of it. It could be seen as good, or bad, depending upon which direction you are viewing the election from. Trump may or may not have the majority from a democracy stand-point, but Cruz definitely has the game handled from a republic stand-point. Trump does not understand the Constitution, and he does not understand conservatism. . . though I have a sneaky suspicion he wants to understand for less devious reasons than some of his critics may believe. On the surface, Cruz best fits my ideology, and from an ideology point of view would be the best candidate for President.

However, I have difficulties with Ted Cruz, as well. First, he is not eligible.  A New Jersey Judge has come to that same conclusion.  He may not even be an American, in the first place. His wife is Goldman Sachs and Council of Foreign Relations. He supports GMOs, which is a big deal with me, and despite his anti-establishment stance in the Senate, he sometimes chooses strange bedfellows who are eerily card carrying establishment whores. Also, experience-wise, he is not even close to having the leadership experience I think a President should have. I have a lot of reasons not to like Cruz.

When the California primary comes, however, Cruz will be the one getting my vote.

While Trump is a self-important bag of gas, that kind of personality kind of goes with being a successful businessman. You have to be a cut-throat kind of "deal with anybody and everybody" person if you are going to succeed in the kinds of things he is involved in. Is that gas bag we see behind the podium actually who he is personally as well? I don't know. I do know that unlike Hillary, Trump loves America, and is a capitalist. . . which makes him better than Hillary. Perhaps not by much, but he's the better choice. So, if by some amazing miracle he gets the nomination (Cruz's ground game will beat him at the convention, so I have no worries about Trump pulling it off) Trump would get my vote over Hillary, Bernie, Julian Castro, Joe Biden, or whoever else winds up on the Democrat Party ticket.

I don't think Trump is hurting the conservative movement, I think the conservatives supporting him have been so frustrated that they don't realize they are breaking their own rule of reacting emotionally to their own "savior."  That said, I don't think Trump's supporters are acting blindly, either.  I believe they understand Trump is not a conservative.  Their reasoning is not conservatism as much as it is wanting that bigger hammer.  Even a good share of Ron Paul supporters have run to the Trump Camp.

I don't buy into the "electability" question as much as I do the "fire" quotient. When Romney's fire died, his campaign died. The problem with Trump is his fire is all over the place, and he's the one that screws it up, not his handlers - much of that stemming from his inexperience and inability to understand the way the political game is truly played.  If he got the nomination, if he would have the chance to beat the Democrat on the other side, Trump would need to focus his fire like a laser and cut out his tendency of pulling out a machine gun and blowing off his own legs.  I know there are those of you out there who could never bring themselves to support Trump, and I respect your opinion.  I just don't fully agree with it.

In the end, Cruz will likely pull it off in the end.  Not my favorite choice.  Remember, I was a Scott Walker supporter.  But I am good with Cruz (or Trump) any day of the week over any of the Democrats.

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