Sunday, April 17, 2016

Newest Hysterical Trump Whine: Cruz Is "Attacking" In Georgia

by JASmius

Because cynically, corruptly, and thuggishly sliming perfectly legitimate politicking and delegate recruitment that has been the rule and norm for over two centuries as "stealing" and "theft" for no other reason than that he never put together an organization and ground game to compete in that aspect of the nomination process and is consequently getting his ass kicked in it by default wasn't sufficiently vile.  What overwrought verbiage will he employ in all the other States around the country where his chances at the Republican nomination are slipping away beyond the first convention ballot?  "Murdering"?  "Genocide"?

I'd call it "BS" but that would be infringing on Trumplicans' gimmick:

Donald Trump's campaign accuses the team for presidential rival Senator Ted Cruz of orchestrating an "attack" to secure delegates around Georgia – whose primary contest Trump won – ahead of the GOP national convention, Breitbart News reports.

With what?  AK-47s?  IEDs?  Rocket-propelled grenades?  I guess TrumpWorld will be smearing the Cruz campaign as "terrorists" next.

Cruz supporters Saturday were "targeting" delegates at district conventions who were pro-Trump, hoping to reverse their allegiance in the event of a contested convention, the outlet reports.

And?  So what?  If pro-Trump delegates are actually pro-Trump, they undoubtedly told the Cruz recruiters to go piss off.  If they aren't, maybe they were open to persuasion away from the unreasonable.  If the Trumpkins were confident that their delegates were immune to such recruitment, it seems to me they wouldn't be so alarmed by it.  Hell, why aren't they out "recruiting" Cruz delegates with brass knucks and stalking their loved ones?  That might actually work, inasmuch as that is what it would take, and they didn't bother with actual recruitment.

"Private backroom nominations committees producing 'recommended' slates, county delegations voting in blocs, floor motions made targeting our supporters," Trump national delegate director Brian Jack told Breitbart.

"This is the machine politics we read about in school, not the grassroots activism our campaign encourages."

Ah, yes, the nefarious alliance of Ted Cruz and the "Washington Cartel" that loathes him only slightly less than it does Trump.  This is pure, undiluted psychological projection.  Trump didn't understand the rules or the process, now it's costing him, and he's flailingly demanding that the GOP change the rules for him to let him win.  He's trying to extort a mulligan through threats and intimidation.  He doesn't object to "machine politics" on any kind of philosophical principle; he only objects to it when it goes against him.

It's a rare level of pathos we're seeing here, my friends.

The charge adds fuel to Trump's assertions that the nomination process is "rigged."

i.e. He might not win it.

Another Georgia campaign worker, Thomas Deen, told Breitbart the effort was evident in "all fourteen of our congressional districts."

"This was an attack," he added. "We’re not going to take it lying down."

Bullshit (sorry, Trumplicans, you can bill me).  Your candidate is a greenhorn ignoramus, didn't know what he didn't know, didn't prepare and plan ahead, and is getting systematically pantsed fair and square.  And such overheated bleating about it ought to be embarrassing, and would be, if Trumplicans were capable of objective shame.

I can't help wondering what he meant by "not going to take it lying down"....

It's certainly going to be a "tough July" for somebody, anyway.

Exit quote from Nicholas Frankovich:

You would think that, instead of jeering at Cruz for his hustle, Trump fans would boo their own candidate for fielder’s indifference. He just stands there, fuming and whining, watching as his opponent circles the base.

Cruz plays hard but clean. Trump talks tough but plays soft. He speaks roughly but (sorry, I’m only staying close to the Teddy Roosevelt aphorism here) carries a small stick....

Donald Trump is a rah-rah kind of guy. He’d make at least a serviceable bench jockey, one might argue: He scowls at the opposing team and sends hostile tweets. But even those are lame. He has no wit. To the war of words that is the race for the White House, he brings the verbal intelligence of a child. His signal-to-noise ratio is low. His fans don’t care, because the noise is loud. They think it’s a contest of decibels.

Trump thinks that judges sign laws and that the Supreme Court conducts criminal investigations. He doesn’t know anything about anything and won’t do any homework. Feckless, he wobbles and vacillates, all the while protesting incoherently, making a drama out of everything....

Of the two front-runners in the Republican primary, one doesn’t know a double switch from a defensive shift, although he’s a real rah-rah kind of guy — maybe he could apply his experience in the steak business and casino industry? You gotta think outside the box, in these troubled times. Etc.

So says a vocal minority of the adult population. They would rather lose with Ricky Roma, a blowhard real-estate con man who entertains them, than win with a competent statesman, a powerful debater who has argued and won cases before the Supreme Court.

And we #NeverTrumpers do not, and will never, agree.

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