Tuesday, April 12, 2016

North Carolina Starts Walking Back "No Perverts In The Bathroom" Law

by JASmius

Not directly, at least not yet.  More like an offer from Governor Pat McCrory of identity-politics compensatory gestures in other, related areas.  Though I wonder if he's got the constitutional authority in his State to unilaterally enact one of them:

North Carolina moved Tuesday to curtail a law [reining in] [homosexuals] and [gender impersonators], but stopped short of ending limits to public bathroom access following a growing backlash from companies and celebrities.

In an executive order, Republican Governor Pat McCrory said he had "expanded" the [mid-Atlantic] U.S. State's equal employment opportunity policy to include sexual orientation and gender identification.

That's the one I'm not sure he has the legal authority to do unilaterally.  I'd also like to know if there are exceptions in certain fields like teaching and child care, though I'm guessing not.

He also vowed to seek legislation restoring the right to sue for discrimination in North Carolina.

I didn't know that was in the NPITB law; it'd be more than a little disappointing to see that provision be relinquished.  It's like McCrory's throwing everything else but the bathroom provisions overboard in order to keep that lone part of it.  Which, of course, will never be enough to satisfy the perverts and their swinging sympathizers, who'll just see it as more blood in the water.

But McCrory left intact the bill's most high profile and controversial provision -- which requires [gender impersonators] to only use public restrooms that correspond with their [true] gender.

For now.  At the rate it's being dismantled, I wouldn't expect that last line of defense to last very long.  Not with everybody from Bruce Springsteen to Paypal to the NBA to Deutsche Bank declaring economic war, outwardly on the Tar Heel State, but in reality on the women and children of North Carolina whom they demand be put back in harm's way.

It's difficult to believe that Governor McCrory doesn't grasp that appeasement never works.  He'd be better off letting the pervert supporters go their own way and North Carolina theirs.  Something tells me they'd be back eventually, perhaps with a new found respect - that he'll now most likely never attain.

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