Friday, April 01, 2016

Obama To Sign Paris Climate "Deal" & Enforce It Immediately

by JASmius

But don't worry, folks, the ChiComms will also sign on to this act of economic suicide.....later:

The United States will sign the Paris global climate agreement as soon as it can next month and then will start putting it in place later this year, the White House announced Thursday, adding that [Red] China will sign then, too.

i.e. "Later this year".  Maybe.  And even then, maybe not, or maybe they will, but will never implement it.  And even then, only an American invasion could possible enforce it.  Agreements with communist dictatorships are endless shades of gray after all.

And between TWO of them?  Forget about it.

The United Nations has invited countries to sign the deal at a ceremony on April 22nd, the first day they can do so, reported the Associated Press. The international agreement was reached in December, but needs a critical mass of countries to sign on before the pact is in force. The White House said the U.S. and [Red] China hope that by joining soon, global action to reduce emissions can kick in well before the formal start date in 2020.

Translation: Red China is hoping that by goading the U.S. to join soon, the final collapse of the American economy can kick in well before the formal start date of the Sino-Russian conquest of the United States.

In regard to which, there may be a snag:

The U.S. has run into a major roadblock. In February, the Supreme Court put on hold Barack Obama's emissions limits for power plants. Obama was counting on those cuts to meet the U.S. commitment under the deal.

But have no fear, my friends, Antonin Scalia is worm food now and Justice Garland (or worse) will tie off that loose end.

Never mind that the "deal" is a treaty that has never been submitted to the U.S. Senate for review and either ratification or rejection, and is therefore not constitutionally and legally enforceable.  O is going to enforce it anyway on his own "expanded" imperial authority.  And there is precedent for it in his nuclear "deal" with Iran, although that one had tacit congressional pre-approval, and this one doesn't.

Just one more gray area, in other words.

Better get your caves ready, 'cause the killer leopard is getting hungry, and Moonwatcher can't be everywhere.

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