Saturday, April 16, 2016

Real Feminism Comes Out Of The Barrel Of A Gun

by JASmius

I want - seriously - for somebody to explain to me how that same Smith & Wesson isn't the solution to the "campus rape culture" about which feminazis have been endlessly shrieking over the past few years.  Surely they would agree that the only good "rapist" is a dead - or at least forcibly hot-lead emasculated - "rapist" - and/or one that never gets the chance to become a "rapist" in the first place.

The Second Amendment has done a helluva lot more to empower these women than Lena Dunham and her mendacious ilk ever have:

Watral was kidnapped and held hostage for nearly twelve hours. The man who kidnapped her was eventually put in prison.

Her kidnapper may have been locked up, but Watral remained scared.

“I didn’t want to be that person that was scared to death to step out of my house. For years, I was. I lived in fear, even after the threat was gone,” Watral said.

Her courage came back when she started shooting.

“I liked it. When I took the class, when I left the class, I felt empowered. I felt confident. I had stepped out of my comfort zone,” Watral said.

Now, Watral is helping others do the same.

Lesley Frost attended the seminar that was sponsored by ALTAIR Gun Club. She went because she wanted to learn “more about personal safety.”

“Everything you hear about in the news and things that happened, just personal awareness in different situations to heighten that knowledge for myself,” Frost said.

Watral remembers when she first took classes. She was one of the very few women in the class. She’s hoping the seminars will show women that gun club isn’t just a boys club.

Michelle Blaisdell also went to the class.

“I think a lot of women when they think guns; they think only men. I think having an only women class is really great because it gets more girls to go out there and learn a lot about guns,” Blaisdell said.

More than sixty women signed up for Tuesday’s classes. But there wasn’t enough room to accommodate them, so the organizers plan on having another seminar in about two months.

The fact of the matter is, women are legally arming themselves at a record pace.  The number of women with concealed carry permits has nearly quadrupled over the past decade.  THIS is empowerment precisely because it enables women to defend themselves and not become victims in the first place, versus a corrupted "feminism" that is predicated upon female victimization as the source of both its political power and using that clout to victimize innocent men through McCarthyite tactics and reputation- and life-destroying character assassination.  False feminism is destructive and predatory; armed feminism is constructive and empowering, as well as the mark of a free, sovereign, and independent citizen.  Which is what the Founding Fathers intended for ALL Americans to be.

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