Friday, April 29, 2016

Red China Bars USS John C. Stennis From Hong Kong

by JASmius

Well, at least the ChiComms didn't put two or three cruise missiles into Johnnie Reb and send it to the bottom of Beijing's lake.

That'll probably be the highlight of our next supercarrier's visit:

[Red] China denied a request from a U.S. aircraft carrier for a port visit in Hong Kong, the State [Commissaria]t said Friday, in an apparent sign of mounting tension in the disputed South China Sea.

Defense [Commissar] Ash Carter and his Philippine counterpart visited the carrier, USS John C. Stennis, in those waters two weeks ago, a move that irked Beijing.

Gabrielle Price, spokeswoman for East Asia, said the [commissaria]t was recently informed that a request for a visit by the Stennis and accompanying vessels was denied. She said the U.S. has a long record of successful port visits to Hong Kong, including a current visit by the USS Blue Ridge, and it expects that will continue.

She referred further inquiries to the Chi[Comm] government.

The Blue Ridge is the command/flagship of the U.S. Seventh Fleet, in case you're wondering.

The floor's open for questions, folks.  Like are the ChiComms planning to seize the Blue Ridge and doesn't want the Stennis nearby to be able to intervene?  How will the PLN (People's Liberation Navy) greet the next attempted port call by a U.S. warship?  Airborn interception?  Waterborne interception?  That aforementioned trio of ship-killing cruise missiles?

One thing's for sure: the ChiComms aren't "irked"; they simply see their window of opportunity ever expanding for conquest in the Western Pacific....and beyond.

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