Friday, April 01, 2016

The Pro-Trump Chalk Scrawls "Attack" The University Of Kansas

by JASmius

Here's another thing I don't get about this "special snowflake" foolishness: These adult toddlers are freaked out by chalk squiggles spelling something they don't like, and yet if Trump actually held a rally at their school, they would show up ready to rumble with Trump supporters.  Which is a double irony, because Trump himself is far more dangerous than his name scribbled on a sidewalk:

KU students took to Twitter this week to express their outrage over the political speech, saying they are troubled that some of their classmates are Trump supporters, and even comparing the chalk messages to the confederate flag.

“The issue is folks in the KU vicinity support a racist, sexist demagogue.”

That's a mostly accurate description.  I wouldn't go so heavy on the "racist" part; at worst, Trump's prejudice might be of the harmless Archie Bunker variety, where he doesn't hurt anybody or burn crosses on George Jefferson's front yard, but just says really stupid, ignorant things on a regular basis.  And Trump does that on pretty much EVERY subject.  He's, in other words, an equal opportunity jackass.  On the other hand, don't ask me why he won't renounce David Duke, and don't bother asking him, because you'll never get the same answer twice.

Speaking as somebody who understands the complete historical context of the confederate flag, I think the KU kiddies owe Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee an apology.

But instead of trying to censor speech you don't like, boys and girls, why don't you use your own First Amendment right to counter it with speech of your own.  Debate; free exchange of ideas; or as Thomas Jefferson once wrote of the university he founded, "this institution will be based on the illimitable freedom of the human mind. for here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it."  By trying to silence speech you don't like - even chalk scrawls on the pavement - you are, ironically, becoming like the man you loathe.

If I, as a #NeverTrumper, tried to censor all pro-Trump speech - which, of course, I couldn't - I would never do anything else, including bladder voidance and bowel movements.  Adding to the debate is far more time-, as well as substance-, effective.

Which simply reflects the utter dearth of knowledge, logic, and communications skills college punks possess these days, and how the so-called "institutions of higher learning" aren't teaching them a damn thing, but are promiscuous in indoctrination and reversing two decades' of emotional growth.

The university said that they would have allowed students to chalk had they applied for approval, but allegedly had staff remove the unapproved chalking the day it was discovered.

With a hose, I'm guessing?  Wouldn't the next gentle spring rain have accomplished the same thing?

Former student senator Shegufta Huma....

Yes, your guess was correct....

....however, argued that approval from the University is less important than the message itself, tweeting a photo of one chalking with the caption, “Is this the post-racial paradise folks pretend exists?”

Well, given that it was Barack Hussein Obama who promised that, and has delivered the diametric opposite, I suggest you take the matter up with him.

“The issue isn’t whether a student chalked or if it was approved,” Huma tweeted later. “The issue is folks in the KU vicinity support a racist, sexist demagogue.”

An issue that vexes a great many of us, Scheherazade, and that we could spend 1,001 nights bandying about, as long as I could stay out of bomb jacket range.  And that would be a far better option than attempting to silence Trump and Trumplicans, as if that were even possible.

And there lies the greatest irony, and the one thing Trump fans and the special snowflakes have in common: You can't reason either group out of their mindsets, because they never reasoned their way into those mindsets in the first place.  It's all emotion and tribalism.

Which still makes my idea of locking Trumplicans and leftwingnuts in the largest building on campus, with ample pay-per-view camera coverage, and seeing what happens pure money.  Because one thing I can guarantee is that the result would not be an encounter session.

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