Friday, April 01, 2016

Trump Campaign Manager Battery Charge Bogus According to Video

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Some folks out there who claim to be a part of a #nevertrump movement are so eager to jump all over Trump's campaign to show everyone how horrible he is.  They are seeking more and more ways to point at The Donald and say "See?"  The problem is, without realizing it, these people have become nothing more than tools of the propaganda makers.  A great example emerged when it came to the battery charge against Trump's campaign manager.

The liberal left will do anything, stoop to any level of deception, to do their will and benefit their agenda of statism.  The political machine, of which many call "the establishment", is often a part of the game of deception.  Trump, irregardless of his political positions, or whether or not he's a conservative dude, represents something far more dangerous, in their eyes, than a raging Tea Party guy like Ted Cruz.  Donald Trump is someone who is outside the system, someone willing to disrupt the system, someone they cannot buy or fill with fear.  He is a stick in their spokes, and a bigger hammer in the rock yard.

Trump intrigues me.  He's a wildcard.  With the other candidates you pretty much know what you are going to get.  With Trump, predicting what kind of president he would be is darn-near a crap shoot.

The #nevertrump crowd have been salivating for something good to sink their teeth into, and when Michelle Fields accused the Trump Campaign Manager of battery at one of Trump's events, the anti-trumpsters jumped all over it.  The victim?  A GOP protected, Ted Cruz supporting, conservative Breitbart News political reporter named Michelle Fields who said she was physically grabbed and nearly thrown to the ground by Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.  Was her accusation true?  It seemed to be.  Why would a conservative be deceptive?  Normally, that's the realm of hard left liberal statist progressive socialist commie bastards.

The response by the Trump camp at the time was one of confusion.  At the event in question, there were numerous anti-Trumpsters and hostile mainstream media reporters running around making problems, and Trump's people were required to protect him and do what they could to reduce any opportunity for violence.  Mr. Lewandowski acted reflexively, knowing that Fields had already been warned not to approach Mr. Trump, in a manner that some believed could be called battery.  In a statement after the situation he wasn't even sure if he saw her, or recognized her, or knew she was near him.

Lewandowski said at the time that if he did manhandle Fields, "he didn't recognize her as a Breitbart reporter, instead mistaking her for an adversarial member of the mainstream media."

Anti-Trumpsters called for The Donald to fire his campaign manager.  Why?  Because someone said he did something that he may, or may not have, done?  Where's the evidence?

Donald Trump stood by his campaign manager, trusting that the truth was something other than what was being reported by the unhinged leftists mainstream media.

It turns out the allegation was largely nothing more than a bunch of bull by someone who, despite her conservative lean, was willing to be deceptive to damage Donald Trump's campaign for President.  Lewandowski is not innocent, either.  He claimed to have never touched Fields, and he did.

Video has emerged to prove what really happened.  Michelle Fields was not handled in the egregious manner she claims, but Lewandowski did touch her, did grab her, and did pull her back.

 Michelle Fields, did not flinch, did not change her facial expression, did not even notice Lewandowski during the incident. Fields later charged Lewandowski with “battery” claiming he "pulled her down," when in reality he "pulled her back."

Were the bruises on Fields' arm she showed off later real?  Possibly.  Lewandowski did grab her arm.  Some people bruise easier than others, and he likely gripped tighter than he should have in the adrenaline charged situation.  Or, she could have (I am not making an accusation, simply suggesting a possibility) self-inflicted those bruises.

Anti-Trumpsters, wanting to protect their narrative that Trump is some kind of unhinged violent radical, jumped all over it regardless of the lack of evidence, and clarity of what really happened.  Battery by one of Trump's people was exactly what their narrative had been searching for.

So, while the #nevertrump folks knee-jerked, saying things like, "Trump and his goons will punch just about anybody in the face, won't they?", Trump's team of claiming his folks are angels of innocence are not necessarily exactly accurate, either.

Should any of this influence the GOP nomination?  Or is it just a case of silly semantics that has nothing to do with the kind of president Trump would be?

Oh, and one more thing: The Florida prosecutor Who filed the sham charges against Corey Lewandowski is part of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle.

To those reporters out there, far and wide, this should be a lesson in the difference between reporting the news, and trying to shape the news.

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