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Trump Claims, Blows Off Conservatism, Embraces Obamunist "Pragmatism"

by JASmius one sentence:

I’m a conservative, but at this point who cares? We’ve got to straighten out the country. [emphasis added]

Which means he's not a conservative, or he would have known "who cares" and why it matters: Because only a return to constitutional conservatism has a hope in merry hell of straightening out the country.

But no.  Donald Trump won't tell us what he's going to do to "straighten out the country," offers us no track record, no political executive accomplishments, not even a claimed philosophical lodestone or compass to follow - because he has no idea what he's going to do to "straighten out the country" (and could not care less), has no track record, no political executive accomplishments, or any political record at all, and no philosophy beyond "Me, me, me," his "stubby fingers," and his ingrained New York liberal instincts that come vomiting out at high velocity whenever you challenge and press him in the slightest.  No, we're just supposed to "trust him" blind faith (just like his witless drone supporters do) in his "winner-winner-chicken-dinner" instincts.  You know, those of the man who has made a career, and now evidently a national pastime, of starting up YUUUUGE projects, burying them in undercapitalized, high-interest debt, and then riding them into the ground, always parachuting clear just before impact to be off to the next bankruptcy.  The man whose emotional instability may be equaled only by his mental instability, whose instinct is to insult and attack and nad-punch but never to stop...think...lift.  The man whose judgment is immensely....questionable, to be bending over backwards charitable.

We are to see Donald Trump as a blank screen, a tabula rasa onto which to project our hopes and dreams.

Is this starting to sound familiar.....?

For the love of God, Trumplicans, he's even come up with a name for your personality cult:

Not only does Donald Trump want to make America great again, he also wants to make it smart again.

The Republican front-runner has another slogan for his campaign, as it enters its 12th month ahead of Tuesday's primary in Indiana: The "smart movement".

“We have a movement going on. You know, in a way I call it the smart movement," Trump told an audience in Evansville, Indiana. [emphasis added]

Is this ringing any bells....?

Trump is using Obama's campaign gimmicks, Obama's slogans almost word for word, duping you into servile entrancement the same way Obama hypnotized low-information voters in two general election campaigns.  He's doing this deliberately because he knows you're all too brainwashed to either notice or care how YUUUUGEly he's laughing at you while at the same time rubbing our noses in both facts as well as how thoroughly he has shattered the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

Case in point - Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) on John Boehner "going Trump":

Allahpundit unloads further:

“Trump versus Cruz” was the starkest possible test for the professional GOP of how much they really care about conservatism as an ideology. Trump is....unelectable and stands guilty of nearly every moral and political vice in the conservative handbook; Cruz, although personally detested by Beltway types, is universally recognized as brilliant, well-organized, and committed to the ideology the party claims to support. This is what’s known as an easy call. Yet practically no one in Congress stepped up for Cruz, and now here’s Boehner yesterday actually suggesting that Trump is preferable....

This is the hard reality that Mike Lee’s struggling with in the clip and that grassroots conservatives have been struggling with for months, namely, that conservatism as a philosophy of governance clearly means next to nothing to all sorts of people who claim to subscribe to it, from Republican pols to “conservative” media to grassroots activists. They’ve either gone all-in for Trump cultism or they’ve let their personal pique towards Cruz lead them into preferring a guy who’s unfit for the office by temperament, civic knowledge, and experience. And no matter what happens now — Trump crashes in the general election, Cruz figures out a way to deny him in Cleveland, or whatever weird alternate scenario you can concoct — that fact will remain. Trump could lose 538-0 this fall, retire from public life, and it will still be the case that the “conservative party” consists to no small degree of people who palpably don’t much care about conservatism. Where do Lee and his fellow-travelers go from there? Say what you will about the left, at least they really do seem to believe in leftism.

I still think it's more a case of the "establishment" hating Cruz more than they back Trump - that and their disinclination to "FIGHT!  FIGHT!  FIGHT!", even, apparently, for their very political careers - but the bitterest irony that could come out of Trumpageddon is that the proof of the long-touted Tea Party charge that the "establishment" isn't conservative would have been exposed by a New York liberal interloper who swept in and led just about the entire GOP except for us #NeverTrumpers away from that same constitutional conservativism.

Talk about doubling down on Pogo.

It's brought me to another never-ever-expected life moment where I have to string together words that have never been strung together in this combination and order before: Michael Moore is right.

The Republican Party (1854-2016). Born in Jackson, MI (1st convention held), died and buried at 725 5th Ave, New York City aka "Trump Tower"

Except that he means that Tweet as a celebration; for surviving true conservatives, it is a lamentive eulogy of our hopes and dreams.  The one solace for me being that, as I've been telling all you dear readers for the past thirty-two months, the Old American Republic actually perished on November 6th, 2012, so Trumpmania is simply the last rigor mortis twitch.  That's where cynicism will always have the advantage over raging anger: emotional stability and an even morale keel.

Fit companions for a moral and philosophical center:

So, yes, the options are all bad — in the short term. But broaden your view beyond the race against Hillary, and the choice becomes easier: Will you sacrifice your integrity, your moral fiber, and your intellect for the sake of a single election cycle? A person who spends the next several months defending the indefensible, trying to make sense of the senseless, and excusing the inexcusable stands to do permanent damage to his reputation and the reputation of the movement he represents....

But there is also moral capital, and it’s far more fragile than its political counterpart. Once it’s squandered, even a lifetime of good works is often not enough to rebuild moral authority. God forgives the repentant, surely, but it is still often prudent for people not to trust them. And who will trust the moral judgment of those who ultimately choose to devote weeks and months of their lives to making an aggressively ignorant serial liar the leader of the free world? Trump is not the “best of bad options”; he is a cataclysm. If he defeats Hillary Clinton, his presidency will fail, and Republicans will suffer for a generation. If he loses, there’s a good chance he’ll turn the GOP into a shadow of its former self, a party reduced to holding only its safest seats and maintaining whatever political influence it still has through identity politics and clever gerrymandering.

The first step is to back Ted Cruz to the bitter end. Of course he’s not a perfect vehicle for the conservative movement; in many ways his own rhetoric has contributed to the present crisis. But there is a quantum difference between an informed, committed, and passionate conservative — whatever his faults — and a deceitful, Machiavellian liberal. Cruz is down to his Hail Mary pass, and conservatives should do all they can to help him succeed.

And if he fails, we should continue to clearly and consistently articulate our core convictions — and to reiterate as loudly and as often as possible all the reasons that both candidates will fail the American people. Neither Trumpism nor [Mrs.] Clinton’s unprincipled progressivism will do anything except exacerbate America’s structural divisions, long-term security challenges, and looming fiscal crises. Partnering with either candidate is like boarding the Titanic despite knowing it will sink. [emphases added]

A banquet of thought for those inclined to give Trump "the benefit of the doubt" or trundle out the Hillary scarecrow.

Just to show that I'm capable of closing on an optimistic note, here's a Trumpmentum-bucking Indiana poll:

Ted Cruz leads Donald Trump by double digits in a new poll of Indiana, which hosts the next contest in the GOP presidential primary on Tuesday.

The Texas senator leads the real estate mogul 45% to 29% among registered voters, according to a poll by the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics.

“This is good news for Cruz, but the volatility of the electorate means all campaigns should view these results cautiously,” pollster Andrew Downs said in a statement....

The survey was conducted among four hundred registered likely voters in Indiana April 13th–27th and has a margin of error of 4.9 percentage points.

Sure, every other poll over the past ten days has said the opposite, and the trend is going in the other direction.  But they're all biased and in the tank for Trump, and the MDCFIP poll is the only REAL poll with the ACCURATE state of the Indiana GOP primary race.  Isn't that how you Trumplicans roll?

Exit Tweet: Two words - party unity:

Donald Trump says there 'has to be unity' in GOP, mocks Jeb Bush

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