Friday, April 01, 2016

Trump Now Underwater With Women Voters By Nearly FIFTY POINTS

by JASmius

Again, it's not the snapshot that is telling, but the magnitude of the yawning deficit and the trendlines, which are entirely downward:

It's a testament to two billion dollars of free, overhyped media that the above raging dumpster fire/train wreck numbers and trends haven't attracted much attention.  Leaving aside every other demographic, every last one of which is terrible - Trump is down 36%-58% with men - having three out of every four female voters projectile-vomiting at the very thought of "President Trump" is enough to presage a Goldwater/McGovern/Mondale disaster all by itself.  Looked at another way, Trump is -47 with more than half the electorate, while Mrs. Clinton is....-3.  And ain't no way that The Donald is going to turn around those numbers when he's been publicly treating women like blowup dolls and verbal punching bags (he's got his campaign manager for the literal version) since the Carter administration.  And he's spent almost the entire primary campaign doing the same thing - Megyn Kelly's menses and continuing feud, Carly Fiorina's face, Michelle Fields' rag-dolling and subsequent smearing and threatenings with ridiculous counter-charges, ridiculing Heidi Cruz's clinical depression AND looks - reinforcing these entrenched unfavorables almost every time he opens his mouth.  Because that is who and what Trump is.  It's Trump being Trump, which is to say, one of the biggest bullies America has ever seen.  If any of his flacks are getting the first tinglings of buyer's remorse - which I don't buy for a femtosecond - it's awfully late in the game for it.

Apparently, recruiting Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter hasn't been sufficient offset, just as grabbing Ben Carson hasn't quelled the "racism" shrieking.. All of which illustrates that self-respect is, after all, an important ingredient in what constitutes a "strong woman," or man, for that matter.

Here's another interesting polling yardstick that vividly illustrates Trump's utter hopelessness in November:

Translated, what this means is that with the "everybody else" category where polling shows it in the head-to-head matchup, Trump would have to get every last White, non-college-educated man in the country (1) registered to vote, (2) turn them ALL out on November 8th, and (3) they would have to vote for Trump UNANIMOUSLY - and remember, he's down 36%-58% among men in general - just to reach a dead heat, which would mean La Clinton Nostra would defraud Hillary's way to victory anyway.

No tribalistic excuse can change or mitigate or provide a way out of these numbers, Trumplicans.  As another old saying goes, twice nothing is still nothing.  And zero is Donald Trump's chance of winning in November.  For all his "winner" hype and especially the "silent majority" myth, the fact is that Trump has, for the Great Bird only knows what reason, won a fanatical following among fewer than 40% of Republican voters.  That's not even a majority of that minority.  And for all the imagined hordes of "disaffected white voters" they think he's going to bring to the polls, countless more general election voters viscerally repulsed by the man will swamp any such new voters he does manage to attract.

Twice nothing is still nothing.

Deal with it.  But do so quickly, while there's still time to nominate Ted Cruz.

Which may happen anyway from the delegates Trump may be forfeiting from his impulsive foolishness in blowing off the RNC loyalty pledge and thinking he didn't need to brush up on party/convention rules that the Cruz campaign knows religiously.  And today we got our first public indication that he may be belatedly gaining that dawning awareness:

You know how he idiotically said earlier this week that the key to success is "surrounding yourself with unsuccessful people" - which is not only a roaring admission of his own insecurity and the diametric opposite of both what a competent manager does ("knowing what he doesn't know") and what he told Ben Carson he would do as POTUS when he offered him his quid pro quo - looks like he's just discovering how idiotic that advice really is:

The reality of a contested convention has become more real than ever, with Donald Trump facing the risk of losing Wisconsin next week, meaning he’d have to win roughly 60% of the remaining delegates to win the Republican presidential nomination outright. If Trump heads into the convention without the magic number of 1,237, already more than a hundred delegates are poised to break with him on a second ballot, according to interviews with dozens of delegates, delegate candidates, operatives and party leaders...In one of starkest examples of Trump’s lack of support, out of the 168 Republican National Committee members — each of whom doubles as a convention delegate — only one publicly supports Trump, and she knows of only a handful of others who support him privately. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz has been whipping Trump in the quiet, early race to elect his own loyalists to become delegates to the convention, meaning that the Texas senator could triumph through delegates who are freed to vote their own preferences on a second ballot, regardless of who won their State....

The risk of a routing at a contested convention is becoming more acute because of Trump’s uncertain standing going into Wisconsin’s primary on Tuesday. Two polls this week showed Cruz ten points ahead of Trump in the State. A loss in Wisconsin would hardly be devastating, but it would surely embolden the anti-Trump forces in other States, making his efforts to win the 60% of the yet-to-be-awarded delegates to reach the 1,237 figure needed to clinch the nomination outright that much more difficult, according to a Politico analysis. “They’ve got to get their shit together in Wisconsin,” said a top Trump ally in the South. “If he doesn’t have 1,237, I'd be very concerned with what happens in Cleveland.” [emphases added]

Trump may be shocked and dismayed and terrified that politics is proving to be harder than he thought it was - i.e. Ted Cruz is taking him to school - and, of course, blaming "his people" for it, kind of like Skeletor always blamed Beastman and Merman for all his defeats at the hands of He-Man, totally oblivious of the Obi-wan Kenobi Principle....

....but we all know damn good and well that Ted Cruz isn't doing anything that Trump wouldn't be doing himself if he hadn't been too lazy and arrogant to (1) do his due diligence homework and (2) surround himself with "successful people" instead.  And if the lugnuts start shooting like shrapnel and the wheels start coming off and the Trump train starts to derail and he falls short, perhaps well-short of the magic number of 1,237 - still, of course, a significant if - and doesn't reach it on the first ballot and his delegates scatter to the four winds and his nomination chances collapse, he and his minions will howl bloody murder about "cheating" and "theft" and blame Cruz and the "establishment" and us #NeverTrumpers and everybody except the one actually culpable for it: the guy staring back from The Donald's gilded mirror.  Because Trump will not have been "robbed" or "cheated"; he will have lost at a game at which his opponent was superior.

He will be a loser.  With a capital "L".

Never would justice have been more poetic.

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