Friday, April 22, 2016

Trump "Revisits" North Carolina Bathroom Law, Feigns Federalism

by JASmius

Any [North Carolina] Trump fans wanna keep perverts out of public restrooms and gymnasium or swimming pool locker rooms? Wanna see religious liberties for evangelical Christians restored and protections of Christian clergy and business owners against "LGBT" legal ambushes and attacks reestablished? Sorry, your Biff Tanen-esque demi-deity won't help you. He'd rather hide in the tall grass with his fellow pusillanimous corporate jackoffs.

- Me, yesterday

Aaaaaand not even twenty-four hours later comes the bookend of what I'm coming to think of as the "Trump Two-Step," the process wherein the millionaire slumlord is asked an issue-related question he's never given much, if any, thought (which pretty much applies to EVERY issue) which catches him flatfooted, prompting him to give an honest answer wherein he indiscretely gives voice to his ingrained leftist instincts.  This gifts Ted Cruz and #NeverTrump yet another PR furor to gleefully exploit....

....forcing his handlers to get to him yet again too late to coach him in the conservative-ish answer he should have given but didn't because he's not a conservative and never thinks about policy issues, and book him on an obsequiously friendly media venue to parrot his mulligan in the hopes that the furor will go away (@ 8:35 mark):

"Let the States decide".  What a nice, constitutionalist revision.  Not that he understands even that much of his v. 2.0 reply.  Which is funny, because North Carolina HAS decided on the "perverts in the bathroom" issue, and that decision was to pass a law keeping gender impersonators out of the wrong public "facilities" a decision Trump instinctively denounced as being the wrong one before he was coached in what fake answer to give to try and mollify the target audience he needed to fool.  My, but it's a good thing he's got his White House Press Secretary-designate Sean Hannity to lead him by the nose off of these propaganda ledges, isn't it?

The Trump Two-Step goes in both directions, of course.  Remember his Green Lantern vow to completely eliminate the national debt in eight years with 24% annual GDP growth and a ninety trillion dollar economy, enabling us to afford EVERYTHING?  Yeah, he walked that back to Forbes magazine, not admitting that he'd verbally shat himself but pretending he'd never said it at all:

More of that renowned Trump "not a flip-flop" "flexibility," I'm assuming.  Or what used to be known as "bullshit" in an era a lot more honorable than the current one.

Exit question for Trumplicans who still think they're "conservatives": Have you ever asked yourselves why your ostensibly "conservative" candidate whom you think will "FIGHT!  FIGHT!  FIGHT!" for what you think you still believe in can't ever be consistent about his alleged "conservatism"?  Why does he walk back conservative-ish answers at some times and lead with leftish answers that must be immediately "conservatively clarified" at others?  Ted Cruz never has this "nervous complaint," nor any other true conservative.  And when one of them strays off the reservation (Marco Rubio and comprehensive immigration reform comes to mind), they get ripped from rectum to belly button, usually by all of you.  So what makes Trump any different?  How is "flexibility" any substantively different from "selling out"?

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