Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Trump Still Has Some Evolving To Do"

by JASmius

Trump won’t be a “real different guy” in the general election campaign because he can’t afford to be. He simply doesn’t have the policy chops to fill the enormous vacuum that would be left if he toned done his shtick. His core fans wouldn’t want him to tone it down anyway — they love him because “he fights!”, and they’re expecting plenty of street-fighting with the Clintons — and the fat-walleted establishmentarians who do won’t believe that a more subdued Trump is the “real” Trump after watching his tabloid exploits over the last thirty years. (It’s because there’s thirty years’ worth of material, in fact, that Trump’s negatives aren’t going to come down. He can try but Hillary’s ad people will try harder.) Even if he wanted to tone himself down, he’ll have no choice but to perform for the media to try to offset Hillary’s fundraising advantage. Manafort’s simply telling the RNC what they want to hear to make them a bit more amenable to the idea of nominating Trump in Cleveland. If I had to bet, I’d bet that Trump spends August trying to project a more “presidential” demeanor and then, when he sees his polls aren’t moving, he’ll give up and decide to let it rip again. If you’re going to lose, you might as well be yourself. [emphasis added]

- Allahpundit, two days ago

Connecticut, yesterday:

The "Republican" presidential front-runner returned to his characteristic bluster on the stump in Connecticut on Saturday, despite an aide’s promise this week of a more sober candidate ahead of the general election.

“Being presidential is easy,” Trump said at a rally in Bridgeport, before embarking on a routine about how Democrat Hillary Clinton relies on a teleprompter to say as much as “good afternoon,” and renewing an attack on Republican competitor Ted Cruz’s Canadian birth.

“It’s much easier than what I have to do -- up here I have to rant and rave and keep you people going, or else you’re going to fall asleep on me,” Trump said. [emphasis added]

THAT's the "role" he's playing, folks: Faux "populist" for a flock of baying sheep that think they're wolves.  It's the one he's been playing for his entire adult life, and he knows not what other role to play, if he had any intention of doing so.  Which he does not.

Told you so.  And I'll keep right on telling you so.

I'm reminded of the Senate committee scene from Days Of Future Past in which Bolivar Trask says the following:

"To Homo Neanderthalensus, his mutant cousin Homo Sapiens"which is us - "was an aberration. The arrival of the mutated human species" - Homo Sapiens - "was followed by the immediate extinction of their less evolved kin." 
Well, now WE are the Neanderthal.

And WE may be about to nominate one.

Call it "Homo Neanderthalensus's Revenge".

UPDATE: Just a reminder from the RNC: No delegate majority, no nomination.  I'm sure that'll do wonders for Biff's "presidential" demeanor.

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