Tuesday, April 05, 2016

U.S. Gun Sales Reached New High In March

by JASmius

I'm not sure what the White House incentives have ever supposed to have been in their incessant gun-control shrieking.  "The more guns we encourage the public to buy, the more we get to confiscate?"  "They can't possibly fire them all?"  Maybe somebody should audit O's post(?)-presidency pension fund to see whether he's heavily invested in Smith & Wesson stocks.  'cause I'm compelled to bet that he is.

Whatever the explanation, the gun industry is the only sector of the U.S. economy that Obamanomics has ever raised out of the bowels of his engineered depression - and how:

Americans are buying more guns than ever before.

A new FBI study released this week shows the number of firearms sold across the country in March was the highest ever, the Washington Free Beacon reports. The agency said it performed some 2,523,265 background checks last month — about 35,000 more than in March 2014.

The Beacon says the March record is the "eleventh straight monthly record for background checks."

And with 7,682,141 checks done already this year, 2016 is expected to break another annual sales record. [emphasis added]

The repeated threats of the Obama Regime to impose Australia-style gun confiscation by imperial decree notwithstanding, what other motivation could their possibly be for this robust and mightily widespread urge for the public to get their Second Amendment on?


The statistics come as more and more Americans worry about their personal safety in the wake of the mass shootings and terror-related attacks that have occurred across the country.

With vastly worse to come.

But other than that, the firearm boom is completely inexplicable.

Lock & load.

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