Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Women In Combat Is Irreversible?

by JASmius

Sure it will....until the body bags start flowing home.

At least, I'd like to believe there is SOME Rubicon beyond which sanity might return:

Navy [Commissar] Ray Mabus had a simple message for 1,500 Marines and sailors: The decision to let women compete for all military combat positions is as irreversible as earlier edicts to integrate blacks and allow [homosexuals] to openly serve.

The latter of which was also a disastrous mistake, although not as much so as this one.

It was Mabus' third visit to a major Marine Corps base to [indoctrinate] the issue to rank-and-file audiences since Defense [Commissar] Ash Carter said in December that all combat positions would be open to women.

Mabus repeatedly emphasized that standards won't be lowered.

Sure they won't....until way too few women make the grade into combat units, after which gender quotas will be established, units will be mandated to be half men and half women, and U.S. combat capabilities consequently collapse.  Ironically, it's only military discipline that probably kept the assembled Marines and sailors from interrupting Mabus to point that out and booing him off the stage.  Who does he think he's fooling with such a silly claim?

And by the way, how will combat unit gender integration work if there are fifty-eight official genders?  Because you know that's the next "reform" in line.

"Marines, we're past the decision now. The [commissar] of defense has made the decision. Now we're into implementing," he said Tuesday at Camp Pendleton in California.

"And may God have mercy on your souls".

Marine Corps leaders had sought to keep certain infantry and combat jobs closed to women, citing studies showing combined-gender units are not as effective as male-only units. Carter, backed by Mabus, overruled them.

Because this craziness has nothing to do with studies or facts or common sense or "species" preservation or, least of all, maximizing the combat readiness and superiority of the United States Armed Forces.  This is about leftwingnut ideology and "fundamental transformation".  The only question is if - not when - a fraying cord of sanity will ever reassert itself.

And the chances of that do not look promising:

"This generation, so much has been changing, whether it be with [homosexual]s and all that, everything's just changing," said Lance Corporal Guillermo Arenas, twenty, who joined the Marines in July. "We have a lot of older Marines that were in longer, so it might take them a little while to adapt to it, but then eventually they'll know that they're Marines."

No, they're women and homosexuals, and Marines only secondarily.  That's the whole point, Corporal.

Go forth and kick ass, son, assuming you can ever get to the fight, but just understand that if, God forbid, you're seriously wounded and need your buddy to carry you to safety, the petite chick gal lady grunt next to you might not be up to the job.

But that'll be okay, because "she's a Marine," right?

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