Thursday, May 12, 2016

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Impeached

by JASmius

Boy, isn't Mrs. Clinton fortunate that she'll never have to face being brought to justice this publicly?:

Brazil’s Senate voted to suspend President Dilma Rousseff from office to face an impeachment trial, ushering in a new government to take command of Latin America’s largest economy.

Legislators agreed on Thursday after a marathon session that lasted 21 hours to try the president on allegations she illegally doctored fiscal accounts to mask the size of the budget deficit. The vote was 55-22.

Rousseff, a one-time guerrilla fighter, now must step down and stand trial in the Senate, in a process that could by law last as long as 180 days and result in her permanent removal from office. Vice President Michel Temer, seventy-five, will take over as interim president. Many expect the switch to be permanent.

"It’s difficult to see a situation where Rousseff would be able to come back," said Harold Trinkunas, director of the Latin America Initiative at the Brookings Institution in Washington.

Amazing that such an outcome is possible in what amounts to a banana republic, but will be impossible for ex-President Rousseff's thunder-thighed counterpart in what is supposed to be the world's oldest constitutional republic.  Which is an indication of just how far from that status the United States of America has fallen, and will never get back.

Let's reiterate that so that nobody can possibly misunderstand or not comprehend the point:

What led a majority of Brazilians to back impeachment was the sense that Rousseff both mismanaged the economy and was lenient on corruption. At its zenith, her party combined social welfare and market savvy to earn the envy of the developing world. [emphasis added]

No, it didn't; it was an utter and complete fraud that apparently was so egregious that when it was exposed, it politically exploded.

Such a scenario will happen during Hillary Clinton's presidency.  But can anybody imagine there ever being majority American support for her impeachment, or two-thirds Senate supermajority willing to convict and remove her from office in a society as polarized as this one?

Like I've said before, Dilma Rousseff definitely ran for president in the wrong country - and a better country than this one.

UPDATE: Naturally, Rousseff is calling her impeachment a "coup de tat":

“I never imagined that it would be necessary to fight once again against a coup in this country,” Rousseff said, in a reference to her youth fighting Brazil’s military dictatorship.

Shortly afterward, she addressed hundreds of supporters outside, many of them dressed in the red of her Workers Party, and already shouting “Temer out!”

“This is a tragic hour for our country,” Rousseff said, calling her suspension an effort by conservatives to roll back the social and economic gains made by the Workers Party during its thirteen years in power.

No, it's a tragic hour for Dilma Rousseff and, secondarily, her band of leftwingnut extremists.  But leave it a corrupt tyrant to equate herself with her country and mistake accountability and justice for bloodless revolution - the very sort she has pulled herself.

UPDATE II: Might Captain Buzz get the Summer Olympics pulled from Rio at this late date?:

Brazil’s Zika problem is inconveniently not ending. The outbreak that began in the country’s northeast has reached Rio de Janeiro, where it is flourishing. Clinical studies are also mounting that Zika infection is associated not just with pediatric microcephaly and brain damage, but also adult conditions such as Guillain-Barré syndrome and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, which are debilitating and sometimes fatal.

Simply put, Zika infection is more dangerous, and Brazil’s outbreak more extensive, than scientists reckoned a short time ago. Which leads to a bitter truth: the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games must be postponed, moved, or both, as a precautionary concession....

But for the Games, would anyone recommend sending an extra half a million visitors into Brazil right now? Of course not: mass migration into the heart of an outbreak is a public health no-brainer. And given the choice between accelerating a dangerous new disease or not — for it is impossible that Games will slow Zika down — the answer should be a no-brainer for the Olympic organizers too. Putting sentimentality aside, clearly the Rio 2016 Games must not proceed.

You have to admit, the HPHR has a sound and valid point.  Holding the Rio Games on schedule in what should be a quarantine zone is several different shades of insanity.

Which should leave no surprise that the International Olympic Committee is sticking its fingers in its collective ears and humming at the top of its collective lungs:

Calls from a Canadian public health professor to delay the Olympics because of the Zika virus were ignored Wednesday as officials insisted the games go on.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said there’s no need to delay the start of the global athletic competition. The opening ceremony set to kick off in Rio in three months....

The IOC’s medical director, Richard Budgett, said that he would continue to monitor the situation closely. But he and the IOC authorities insisted the August 5-21 games would go on as planned.

Because they sought it and have been planning and investing and building for it for most of the past decade.  Far too much collective momentum to pull the plug on it only three months out from its realization and fruition.  Even if it means turning a slow-motion epidemic into a global flash pandemic.

Looks like Brazil is ridding itself of one contagion only to mindlessly embrace and spread another.

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