Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ChiComm Fighters Buzz U.S. Navy Reconnaissance Plane Over South China Sea

by JASmius

The Iranians, the Russians, now the ChiComms again - seems like all of our enemies are using our ships and planes in their war games, almost but not quite formally initiating armed hostilities.  I'm not sure whether they're trying to provoke us into shooting first or if they're waiting for an accident for which they can blame us as an excuse, but whatever the pretext, it really does look like Beijing is joining the party in spoiling for an attack on the ex-benevolent global hegomon:

The [Obam]agon says two [Red] Chinese fighter jets flew within about fifty feet of a U.S. Navy reconnaissance plane Tuesday in international airspace over the South China Sea.

The [Obam]agon characterized the incident as an unsafe intercept and said it is being reviewed.

A U.S. military official says the two [Red] Chinese J-11 Flanker B+ fighters flew out to intercept the U.S. EP-3 Aries aircraft and came so close that they forced the pilot to descend a couple hundred feet in order to avoid a collision. The U.S. surveillance plane was conducting routine operations in the region.

Put another way, the J-11s tried to ram our Aries out of the sky.  That doesn't sound like an "unsafe intercept" - and since the incident took place in international airspace, no matter what Beijing wants to claim, there was no grounds for an interception at all - it sounds like the ragged edge of an act of war, and one that the Obama Regime will never acknowledge, so entrenched and buried are they in their faculty lounge land of make-believe that what they sniffingly dismiss as "nineteenth-century" great power foreign policy is a relic of the distant past even though it's happened to them right before their beady little eyes.

As I've been warning, one of these "buzzings" is going to become the real thing sooner or later, and more likely sooner.  And when it does, not one of the three possible individuals with the military command codes will be qualified or suited to defend the country.

What a happy thought to take into this good night.

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