Sunday, May 08, 2016

Donald Trump versus Clinton Horror Story

By Douglas V. Gibbs

In a recent article titled Time to Unite Behind Trump I explained why I was willing to vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 General Election for President of the United States.  I am not a fan of Mr. Trump politically, or even from an entertainment standpoint, for that matter.  He's brash, loud, annoying, speaks before he thinks, and has no clue about how our political system truly is supposed to work.  His supporters, however, like him because they believe he will disrupt the political machine in Washington.  They believe he is the stick in the spokes the political elite's good ol' boy club desperately deserves.  He will shake up the system, they say.

I am not so sure.

As a result my Time to Unite Behind Trump article, I have received a number of emails by people who have decided to let me go.  They want nothing to do with my political prowess if I am willing to hold my nose and cast a vote for the Trumpinator.  One wrote, "I saw you inching in that direction, and I am sorry you have decided to vote for the man who is destroying the Republican Party.  Please remove me from your email list."

I am not a Trump supporter, but when faced with a choice between a capitalist like Mr. Trump and a communist like Hillary Clinton, the choice is easy.  Trump is irritating as hell, doesn't understand what he has gotten himself into, does not understand the Constitution, and definitely is not on board with the Republican Platform across the board.  Hillary, however, is something worse.  She is fully capable of, and willing to, double down on Obama's antics.  She is willing to sign treaties but call them agreements to sidestep the U.S. Senate, confiscate firearms, defy any congressional attempt to control her, saddle us up with the United Nations in an even tighter straitjacket than we are already bound by, and I even think she would be willing to use the U.S. Military to force States like North Carolina to comply with the leftist support of homosexual and trans-gender demands, and to arrest and round up those who dare stand against her.  With Hillary Clinton in the White House, I truly believe we may begin to see federal police breaking up Tea Party meetings, and arresting the participants for the charge of sedition against the United States Government.

Donald Trump, at least, loves this country, and has some semblance of what freedom is supposed to be.  Hillary Clinton is worse than Trump, worse than Obama, and she is willing to kill to protect her agenda (as we saw in Benghazi).  Hillary Clinton is America's Lenin or Stalin.  The danger she poses, in my opinion, far outreaches any boneheaded thing Mr. Trump may do as President.

I also believe there is a fail-safe with Donald Trump that the #nevertrump people either does not consider as possible, or refuses to recognize.  He's a father.  He has children to which he would like to leave a legacy, and his empire, to.  If he reneged on his campaign promises in a way that the establishment Republicans claim he will his empire would be in shambles, and he'd be faced with a myriad of lawsuits attempting to hit him where it hurts.  He is not stupid.  He knows this.

Will he do dumb things?  Yes.  He already has, with the hiring of some of the people around him.  In his midst he has democrats, Goldman Sachs executives, and globalists.  But, I will take a Mr. Trump who's not quite exactly what we want but loves America, and is trying to learn the political ropes of American Politics over a communist Hillary Clinton who is willing to kill Americans to get what she wants in terms of the hard left agenda.

Donald Trump may set back the Republican Party a decade or two, but Hillary Clinton will set back our American System for generations. . . if not forever.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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Shawn Cressler said...

If I had the writing ability you have, I don't think I still could have said it better. Plus I truly believe the Republican Party needs a good shaking up! Its not even close to perfect or what America needs as the party stands right now, to the best of my admitted limited knowledge of the system. Good artical my friend, I'm in agrement with you. I don't like Trump either, but I totally fear Hillary getting into office.