Thursday, May 19, 2016

Donald Trump's Climate Change Denier Potential Appointee

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Billionaire (or millionaire - we don't really know for sure) 2016 GOP (that's the Grand Ol' Party, a.k.a. Republican Party, for those of you out there who don't know) Candidate Donald Trump is considered by some to be the great savior of the Republic, and by others to be the great killer of the Republican Party.  Whether he is a New York liberal, or a guy new to politics who wants to be more conservative if just given the chance, he's been giving folks indicators that say he's either, neither, or both.  His primary saving grace is that a) He's not Hillary, b) Bernie Sanders voters hate Hillary so much that some of them are going to vote for Trump, and c) A number of Republicans are so frightened of the Wicked Witch of Arkansas/New York/Obama's State Department/Wife of Monica Lewinski's ex-boyfriend that they are willing to hold their noses and vote for the businessman turned entertainer turned politician with a wild platform that sometimes changes at will.

[taking a long breath]

Every once in a while, however, Trump does something that makes it slightly easier to cast a vote for him.

I said last Saturday (May 14, 2016) on Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs (KMET 1490-AM) that I am as close as you can get to being a #nevertrump person without actually being one.  I am not sure I trust him, I am not sure he's honest, and I am not sure he can "Make America Great Again!"  However, he's not Hillary, which makes me willing to pull the lever for him.  He may be ill-equipped for politics, and have ever-changing positions that he himself is still trying to iron out, but he's not evil like Hillary Clinton.  Trump is a capitalist who loves this country, and Hillary is a socialist/progressive/commie who hates the fundamental foundation this country was built upon, and in my opinion would be willing to use federalized police to break into Tea Party meetings to arrest the attendees on sedition charges.

One of the ways the liberal left Democrats have been working on expanding governmental control, and more specifically expanding federal intrusion into local issues, has been through Climate Change/Global Warming/Environmentalism hysteria.  The uninformed have been crowned deputies in the effort to save the planet from the imaginary specter of man-made Climate Change.  Throughout history we have seen the truth.  Climate actually does change on its own, whether humanity pumps carbon dioxide into the air, or not.  A changing climate is a natural occurrence.  Period.  Besides, there are too many variables at work that contribute to the constant changing of global temperatures to attribute the whole cause to only carbon dioxide (of which plant life needs to survive, mind you).

It seems Mr. Trump may be in the same camp with conservatives on that particular issue. . . perhaps.

Mixed up into Trump's group of advisers to his campaign is a guy named Kevin Cramer.  He's a Republican Congressman from North Dakota who currently serves in the United States House of Representatives.  The rural State of North Dakota has been experiencing an oil boom as a result of drilling for oil, much of that accomplished through fracking (special technique to free oil deposits hiding in underground rocky areas that the GOP largely supports, and a method that makes blood squirt from the eyes of hard-left liberal Democrats).  Cramer is skeptical of the hysteria surrounding the issue of man-made Climate Change, and he is a major fracking advocate.  In fact, Mr. Cramer is among America's most ardent advocates in support of domestic oil drilling.  He is currently writing a white paper on energy policy for Mr. Trump, according to Reuters.

Cramer joined Trump advisers out west who met with a number of State legislators from Western Energy Producing States about opening up more federal land for drilling.

And according to Trump, Cramer could be his energy adviser if the businessman-turned-politician gets into the White House.


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