Saturday, May 21, 2016

Egyptian Flight Crash Terrorism? Trump Says "Yes"

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Should a leader pause and look at the evidence before jumping the gun?  Yes.  But, with Islam's track record, when there are problems with airplanes that results in a loss of life it's a pretty good bet that Muslim terrorism had something to do with it.

The reality about EgyptAir Flight 804 is that the possibility that the crash was a terrorist attack is very real.  The flight’s departure from Paris, a target of terrorist attacks in the last year, makes it even more possible, in the minds of many (including Donald Trump), that terrorism is to blame.

The flight had 66 passengers and crew on board when it disappeared from radar over the Mediterranean Sea.  Egyptian and Greek officials say the fate of the flight is that it likely crashed off the Greek island of Crete.

Despite the argument on whether or not terrorism was a part of the cause of the flight's demise, the truth is, the possibility of Muslim terrorism being the cause has not been ruled out.

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