Wednesday, May 18, 2016

EPA Barred From Firing Convicted Child Molester

by JASmius

Well, look on the bright side: At least this one wasn't working for the VA:

Officials for the Environmental Protection Agency testified Wednesday that they were unable to terminate a convicted child molester and had to pay him $55,000 to retire, the Washington Examiner reported. [emphasis added]

Wow.  That's four times what my severance package was.  And I was far more the molestee than the molestor, metaphorically speaking.  Where did I go wrong?

EPA acting deputy administrator Stan Meiburg testified the agency attempted to fire the employee but the Merit Systems Protection Board overturned the decision.

"It's just pretty stunning," said Jason Chaffetz, R-UT3, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform. "How do we need to change the Merit Systems Protection Board, because we're not protecting the American taxpayer and we're not protecting the employees who have to sit next to this freak of a pervert," the Examiner reported.

Well, we could start by abolishing the MSPB, whose definition of "merit" has become grotesquely twisted into something that could only exist beyond the realm of accountability and common human decency.  Or, in other words, in the public sector.  Anybody care to hold their breath until that happens?  Bueher?  Buehler?

Perhaps what needs to be examined is the civil service hiring process that leads so many scumbags and crooks and drug addicts and "freaks of perverts" to government "service" in the first place in a Regime that is hell-bent on shoehorning gender impersonators into the wrong public restrooms.  Or did I just prematurely answer my own question?

Exit question: If I applied for a job with the federal government in my field, would I have to wank off into a beaker at the interview?  Would they aware extra points for distance?  And could that aforementioned severance package not be called the mother of all "money shots"?

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