Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Facebook Conspiracy Turns Out To Be True

By Douglas V. Gibbs

There is a section of society out there that truly believes the propaganda being given to them through the mainstream media, and other leftist media outlets.  They believe the government means well, and media outlets always tells the truth.  They are clueless, because they refuse to recognize the reality that there is economic and political chaos all around them.  Surely, they think, the leaders out there could not be possibly manipulating society, nor would they lie to us.  Then, when something happens, they are the first to scream, "The government has to do something about this," or "we need more laws."

We have suspected that liberal leftist statist progressive utopianism has infiltrated all avenues of our society.  Yet, we somehow seemed surprised when we found out the IRS was targeting conservative groups (and may still be doing it), that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was sharing secrets with our enemies through a private email server, and we are really thrown for a loop (and are not quick to accept) when we hear that we might be in the process of being poisoned through our water or through planes spraying the skies (a.k.a. chemtrails).  Vaccines are perfectly safe, and effective, right?  Genetically Modified food is fine, too, right?  Or are they both killing us for a profit?  Why would they keep us sick in order to make more money?  

Should we also be surprised to find out that Facebook, owned by hard left Mark Zuckerberg, leans left along with its owner?  Better yet, how about the fact that it has now been revealed that Former FACEBOOK Workers are saying that they routinely suppressed Conservative News?

Drudge Report is considered to be right-leaning, so Matt Drudge is a pariah in the eyes of the leftists. . . so Facebook often blocked Drudge stories as well.  And while they were at it, apparently Zuckerberg doesn't think all lives matter, so Facebook promoted the racist Black Lives Matter knuckleheads.

Facebook, of course, is denying all of this.  Hey, the Constitution Guy, Douglas V. Gibbs has only been stopped once, and it wasn't even Facebook personnel that caused the shutdown!  I was accused of putting up nudity on my page when I posted a picture of my wife, fully clothed, looking out the window of a Bay Cruise boat we were on.

Am I a conspiracy theorist?  Not necessarily.  But, I do recognize reality when the evidence is there.  There's the old saying: "Yesterday's conspiracy theory is today's headlines."  Well, for all of you out there that laughed when we were telling you that Facebook was targeting conservatives, and that the social media site was blocking conservative stories - it turns out the conspiracy theory was true.

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