Monday, May 09, 2016


By Allan McNew

The following is not an argument as to whether or not Trump should be President, but rather an observation as to how he came to be where he is now.

Some say that Trump has destroyed the Republican party, but fact is the Republican Party destroyed itself. As for Trump's involvement, if I remember right, Trump sniffed around the last couple of election cycles but the level of discontent wouldn't have supported him then.

We can go back to the 60's and illegal immigration for just one of many reasons on how the Republican Party destroyed itself. Ignoring what the working populace needed, the party hierarchy was all about cheap labor, the cheaper, the better. It was bad enough in agriculture that even Cesar Chavez called the Border Patrol on illegals who were breaking his strikes, to no avail.

I worked with illegals as far back as 1974. The 70's were a pretty slim time for work. The 1981 recession came along, there didn't seem to be work anywhere. Mexican President Lopez Portillo devalued the Peso in 1982, wiping out any savings there were among the poor and decimating whatever middle class there was in Mexico, then Mexico's oil industry tanked with the Mexican government having already blown the oil money.

Illegals were pouring across the border by 1983 and employers were hiring them – for extremely cheap – instead of people who had always done those jobs before, outraging the public which led to the 1986 amnesty bill, an amnesty which was supposed to be a one time thing while immigration law was to be rigorously enforced. A duped President Reagan signed it into law, which he later acknowledged was a mistake.

There's been a cross border tsunami ever since, and the Republican hierarchy has consistently refused to require enforcement of the immigration law sold to the American people in 1986. I saw a whole industry formerly filled with Americans of all races become dominated by foreigners from south of the border.

In the meantime, there have been two and a half or three generations of 14th Amendment citizens who have gone to schools co-opted by the political left, where many might leave school functionally illiterate but fully primed to vote the Democratic ticket. Those who go on to higher education often get it pounded into their heads that the Republican Party is packed full of white racists who are out to get everyone with a brown skin and Spanish last name.

Illegal immigration is a complex issue which nearly everyone on both sides reduces to a polar opposite, single problem - single solution, emotional issue. So, when Trump says he intends to build a wall, it brings out the crowds on both sides.

For about a half century the Republican Party has ignored or side stepped economic, legal and national identity issues which negatively affected their constituents, as well as allowing their political
opposition to control the narrative through “education” and societal divisiveness – all for dirt cheap labor.

For the most part, those within the stereotyped “Latino Community” who aren't going to vote for Trump aren't going to vote for much of anyone else who runs for office with an ( R ) behind their name. They just get louder when immigration is bandied about.

This all began began decades ago with some yo-yo Republican Poobahs thinking “We can get people in who'll work for nothing and, even if they could vote, are too stupid to vote.”

As we all know, illegal immigration plays big in the 2016 Republican primary

One page at a time, to be continued.

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