Monday, May 09, 2016

Illegal Aliens Collect More Welfare Than Americans Do

by JASmius

First class anti-citizens versus second-class citizens:

The households of illegal [alien]s receive an average of about $1,000 more annually in federal welfare benefits than do the households of [American] recipients, a new analysis finds.

According to the immigration control advocacy group, Center for Immigration Studies, which breaks down federal cost data from 2012, the welfare payout to likely illegal [alien] households averages $5,692 yearly, compared with the average $4,431 welfare payout to [American] households collecting the benefit.

The CIS analysis study points out illegal [alien]s are [purportedly] barred from directly receiving welfare, but may obtain it through their U.S.-born children. [emphasis added]

Remember how these Border Crises always zero in and obsess on "children"?  Are the dots connecting yet?

All [alien]-headed households — legal and illegal — receive an average of $6,241 in welfare, 41% more than the $4,431 received by a non-immigrant household on welfare, according to the analysis.

The total cost is over $103 billion in welfare benefits to households headed by [alien]s. A majority, 51%, receive some type of welfare compared with 30% of....U.S. households, the analysis shows....

The breakdown also shows the average [alien] household collects 33% more cash welfare, 57% more food assistance, and 44% more in Medicaid dollars than the average [American] household collecting those benefits.

This past Saturday on American Daily Review, the Director recalled a Constitution Radio guest once upon a time who worked in immigration enforcement and who insightfully pointed out that the best way to clean illegals out of the country to the greatest extent possible was to cease providing them with every economic incentive imaginable to come here in the first place, or stay here once they've arrived.  Or, as he put it, "Stop giving 'em free stuff".

Quite so.  And as I pointed out in reply, that sounds eerily like Mitt Romney's "self-deportation" proposal.  Which admittedly isn't as "bold" and "brash" and sexy as building a YUUUUUGE wall for them to climb over and tunnel underneath, or somehow round them all up and send them back so they can immediately return again to open arms, but would at least have the virtue of common sense and actual attainability.

In other words, it just might work.

But I guess grabbing gonzo ratings is more important, right?

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