Sunday, May 29, 2016


By Allan McNew

Illegal immigration is a complex issue which both extreme sides reduce to single problem – single solution agendas, neither which is a good solution. One destructive approach is to spin largely legal and economic issues into a race war.

The early 1980s illegal immigration issue (hemispherical recession, oil revenue slump instigated by the Saudis, Mexican economy over-dependent on Pemex oil revenue, Mexican governmental ineptness and corruption, American employers hiring basement cheap foreigners instead of Americans after 1981 recession) forced Congress to concoct and pass the 1986 immigration bill to address public outrage, which was sold to the public as a one time amnesty balanced with robust enforcement. The enforcement provision of that bill was promptly ignored by Congress just as soon as a hoodwinked Reagan signed the bill, which he later acknowledged was a mistake.

I know far more than one person with mixed Latin American ancestry and at least two legal immigrants from Latin America who denounce illegal immigration in decidedly politically incorrect terms.

On the other hand, there has been about 55 years of race baiting rhetoric to the effect “the white man is out to get you” in addition to dividing the population into groups representing ancestry, gender and
more, then effectively setting them all against one another for some grotesquely insane reason or another.

So, after 30 years of Congress quietly refusing to fund and further immigration law Congress itself passed, several Presidents quietly refusing to faithfully execute the same law – they are Constitutionally required and sworn to execute the laws passed by Congress, and three generations of race obsessed activists ceaselessly pimping victimization to people with Latin American ancestry, when one Presidential candidate talks about building a wall on the border it brings out the crowds on
both sides of the immigration issue. What I’m waiting for is for an honest politician who has the pelotas to address the role of American employers and the significant portion of those coming here now, unlike the past, who don’t come here to work – and I’ve heard plenty about those from both legal and illegal immigrants, which is a lot more convincing to me than any sort of rhetoric emanating from sheet wearing troglodytes.

The above comprises the bulk of my opinion piece printed in the Record
Gazette 5/27/16:

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