Saturday, May 14, 2016

Muslim Mayor: The Fall of London

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Islam waits in the shadows, like the Jungle Book's snake in the trees, ready to convince you that it is your friend.  "Come to me," it beckons.  "Come to me or die."

When Muslims reach a certain level of percentage of population and power in a place, their complexion changes.  They begin to demand more.  Islam does not assimilate, it dominates.

Are there such a thing as peaceful Muslims?  Could these peace-loving members who have been unseen truly exist?  A friend of mine said in Iraq he fought side by side with some good Muslims, men who were willing to die while fighting against the terrorist jihad.

Like the Germans in World War II who fought out of fear for the Nazis, these good and peaceful Muslims are not members of Islam, but potential apostates who are simply too fearful to take the plunge.  If they were to become an enemy of Islam by daring to walk away, it would be more than the terrorists who wished them dead.  Not only would their lives be at risk in general, but also the lives of all who are dear to them.

Now, a Muslim has been elected mayor of London, England.  The British survived the crumbling of their empire, two world wars, and their fall as the world reserve currency. . . but they could not withstand an invasion by immigration.

After the Muslim mayor won his election, a bus traveled through the city proclaiming that Allah is good.  The countdown clock for London, and ultimately Great Britain, has just been activated.  It is no longer a matter of "if" Britain becomes a Muslim nation.  Now, it is only a matter of time of when Britain becomes a Muslim nation.

The clock for other European countries began long ago, yet some of them refuse to recognize it.  Some still cling to the politically correct notion that Islam could not possibly be to blame for the terrorism being caused in their countries by silly extremists who only claim they do it for Islam - but must be doing it for some other unknown reason.  Some of those European leaders are beginning to see the light. . . but it may very well be late.  Muslims do not move into new countries to embrace their new home and add to the multicultural complexion of a society.  Islam does not embrace.  Islam conquers by the sword.  Muslims move into new countries to begin to change them.  Muslims don't immigrate, they infiltrate.  The first waves of Muslims are simply there to prepare their host countries for the final countdown where the sword must be used for the final act to force the new country to submit to Islam, or be killed for their refusal.

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