Friday, May 20, 2016

NRA Endorses Pro-Gun Control Donald Trump

by JASmius

No surprise, really.  The partisan tribalist centrifugal pull is in full force, as is the Hillary Clinton scarecrow, however reluctantly and half-heatedly:

[Chris Cox] and [Wayne] LaPierre urged a packed hall at the Kentucky Exposition Center to unite behind "Republican" Donald Trump, who they endorsed. ‘Now is the time to unite if your preferred candidate dropped out of the race, get over it,’ said Cox. ‘This is a do or die election.’”

First of all, it's not about "preferred candidates," it's about a New York liberal Democrat seizing the Republican nomination.  I'll say it again: I could have voted for any ACTUAL Republican in the race, including Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, and the insufferable John Kasich.  I cannot and will not vote for Donald Trump, because he's not a Republican.  Period.

Second, 2012 was the "do or die" election, and sixty-six million American voters opted for "die".  This is a "die slowly or die quickly" election, and Trump represents the latter, as well as the death of the conservative movement without which there can be no "do," now or in the future.  There can be no "getting over that".

But the NRA will find that out.  Too late.  Just like the rest of the under-knucklers.  As I've said, it's no surprise.  But it is still disappointing.

By the way, Trump's gun-grabbing instincts are not a decade and a half old, but very recent.

Was O speaking for the NRA?  I guess he was now.

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