Tuesday, May 17, 2016

President Monty Hall

by JASmius

The Art Of The Deal.  That was the title of Donald Trump's most famous book from the 1980s.  It should have been called The Art Of The Scam, which is most of why that wasn't the title.  Who needs truth in advertising, after all?

Donald Trump is - supposedly - an unparalleled "deal"-maker.  His pattern of starting up shady business ventures, YUUUUUUGEly leveraging them with high-interest debt, riding them into the bankruptcy ground only to jump clear at the last minute and make his escape to the next shady business venture would seem to contradict that, until you reflect on how these "deals" turn out for him.  He always gets paid, he always gets the fame and attention and public adulation, and somebody else or elses are left holding the bag.  Which is altogether appropo for somebody whose pop culture catch phrase is "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Donald Trump is a con artist.  That's why he spent the GOP primary campaign making all manner of bold, brash, "populist" promises that he's systematically hurling overboard now that he's the presumptive nominee (self-funding his campaign, his tax cut plan, holding the line against raising the minimum wage, etc.).  He makes "deals" only for himself and nobody else, and when those deals no longer work for or benefit him, he simply discards them.

And Trumplicans are just fine with that, because they have no standards or principles beyond their coiffed Jim Jones.  But the rest of us have a serious problem with that because, in business terms, that is generally what is known fraud and breach of contract and such, and in political terms...well, in politics you don't get to parachute clear just before impact and move on to the next scam.  You kind of have to stick around and face the accountability music, unless you have your skin color or lady parts and party affiliation behind which to hide, like Barack Obama and(/or?) Hillary Clinton do.  Trump is white, male, and pretending to be a Republican.  So that's three strikes against him already.

And that makes an out.

You know, though, who might come to a President Trump's rescue?  You know who:

[S]ome Democrats say they can see some opportunities for working together during a hypothetical Trump presidency, given that the Republican front-runner has based his campaign on being a deal maker — unlike any other prominent GOP candidate this cycle.

Trump is driving away some Republicans with his departures from party orthodoxy, including calls for a higher minimum wage, more infrastructure spending and [single-payer government health care], but Democrats would have a hard time resisting similar calls from a President Trump if he came to Capitol Hill with those priorities. Blockading such a Trump agenda wouldn’t be easy after Democrats have relentlessly attacked Republicans for refusing to improve ObamaCare, craft a big deal on roads and bridges, and provide a higher wage for the working class....

Trump’s entire campaign is built around the idea that he’s the one guy that can overcome partisan differences. He says he isn’t backed into ideological corners by the political class and is not beholden to special interests that hold sway in both parties.

Ah, yes.  Also the "post-partisan uniter" and "moderate pragmatist" who only wants to do "what works".....for him.  Remind you of anybody else you know?

But really, with whom else would a President Trump be making deals BUT the Democrats?  First, the Dems are going to be controlling the next Congress, and second, why would Trump be making deals with a party that he's already hostiley taken over?  They're all "losers" and his palm-frond-wavers and pool boys, remember?  Most of all the conservatives that he either successfully corrupted or permanently alienated, respectively.  The difference between the two being that after he crashes and burns in November, we will come back in, pick up the pieces, and start over, Trumplicans' wad having been riotously shot.

Trump would make deals with Democrats to enact leftwingnut policies.  It really is quite uncomplicated.

But what about his "deals" with other countries?  Well, Trump loves Putin, so he'd be selling out to the Russians more or less perpetually.  He's already said that he will not disavow Obama's Iran nuclear "deal", so he'd let the mullahs have (and use) their nukes.  And he hates the ChiComms, but for all the wrong reasons.  The only leg missing off of that strategic disaster stool is North Korea.

Until now:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is willing to talk to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to try to stop Pyongyang's nuclear program, Trump told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday....

Something that, for the record, Barack Obama was gung-ho for but has never managed to pull off.  Why Trump would be any different is anybody's guess.

The presumptive Republican nominee declined to share details of his plans to deal with North Korea, but a meeting with Kim would mark a major shift in U.S. policy towards the isolated nation.

"I would speak to him, I would have no problem speaking to him," Trump said of Kim.

Of course he didn't share any details of his plans to "deal" with North Korea - because there aren't any.  Trump doesn't do details.  He "wings it," remember?  Although I can't imagine that Kim would be too awfully thrilled with Il Douche for his advocacy of Japan and South Korea developing nuclear weapons even as he would (presumably) be trying to talk the NoKos out of theirs.

Of course, on the other hand, Trump is perfectly fine with the Iranian mullahs being part of the "nuclear club," so perhaps he would give America's blessing to Pyongyang's nukes as well.

After all, if Donald Trump is about anything, it's "fairness".  Right?

Credit where credit might be due: Trump did say in the same Reuters interview that he could seek to renegotiate the Paris "Climate" Accords.  Of course, constitutionally speaking, the U.S. isn't legally bound to them because that treaty was never submitted to the Senate for ratification, so the proper course of action would be to simply nullify them, and a "renegotiation" could wind us up with something even worse in which Trump's stupendous ego will be fully invested.  So be careful what you wish for....well, I was going to say "Trumplicans," but they'll love anything the New York liberal conman does; how about the Hillary Scarecrow crowd?  Yeah, that works.

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