Saturday, May 21, 2016

Redskins Not Mad About Redskins

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Mama said that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.  So, as good children, and good adults, we have tried to be fair with our words.  But, sometimes we fall short.  Sometimes, it's just good comedy.  Nonetheless, it always seems that being offensive usually doesn't truly offend anyone. . . except those with a political agenda.

I grew up playing Cowboys and Indians.  I laughed when Dallas head coach Tom Landry, in a television commercial, as Washington football players in full uniform stepped into the saloon he was in, said, "Because, you never know when you might be surrounded by Redskins."  I got Indian burns on my arm, and we sat Indian-style.  And, you know what?  Nobody was offended, back then. . . including the Indians.

Ooops, uh, Native Americans?  Naw, they came over a land-bridge.  Original Americans?  Nope.  Uh, Indians?  Columbus was wrong.  He didn't land on the Indies.

Who cares?  It's just a label that helps identify what we mean in language.  White, black, brown, Indian, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, Oriental, Redskins. . . who in the hell cares?  Aside from hard-left whites who are trying to make themselves look good so that they can pat themselves on the back because they forced everyone else to be as nice as them, nobody really cares!

Am I full of it?  Let's ask the polls.

According to a recent poll, 9 in 10 Native Americans do not oppose the Washington 'Redskins' name in the National Football League.

So, what is this "I'm so offended" business really all about?  Who is really offended?

Even more amazing is that it was a liberal left rag that held the poll!

I am slightly surprised they actually published their findings.  Usually, the liberal left media suppresses anything that goes against their ideological narrative.

The poll in question was for the Washington Post: 9 of 10 Native Americans do not have a problem with the name.

The survey was of 504 Indians. . . uh, errr, Native Americans, and it was a sampling that included respondents in every State and the District of Columbia, over a five-month period that ended in April of this year.  7 of 10 Native Americans did not find the term "Redskin" disrespectful, and 8 of 10 said they would not be offended if called that name by a non-Native American. Nine out of 10 Native Americans said the name "does not bother" them.

Uh. Uh. Uh.

Hmmm, that really sticks a stick in the spokes of the liberal left Democrats' political correctness policy of tippy-toeing around what we say, doesn't it?

The Washington Redskins team owner Daniel Snyder has vowed he will never change the name, and this survey, conducted by a news organization on the record as opposing the name, will only strengthen his resolve.

So, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, and Boston Celtics, rest easy.  The tide is turning.  Activists, it turns out, who push for language purification, are full of crap.

I still say that if the name is ever changed, the Washington football team, in the hopes of sending the liberal left Democrats over the edge, should rename the team the Washington Tea Party.

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