Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Russia Building Military Base In Syria

by JASmius

They mean another one, right?  Russian forces have been operating in Syria for the past nine months; they HAVE to have multiple bases there already, don't they?

Either way, the Russian Middle East Protectorate is expanding its footprint:

The [Obam]agon said Wednesday Russia is still conducting military operations in Syria despite its pledge to leave the war-torn country, and is even building a base there.

The Washington Post reports that Army Colonel Steve Warren told reporters Russia still has a major presence in Syria.

"They continue to have air power there, they continue to have ground forces, they continue to have artillery," Warren said via teleconference from Baghdad. "They still have Spetsnaz [special operations forces] providing advice and assistance to the Syrian regime."

He sounds so bewilderedly surprised, doesn't he?  Shocked, even.  Like he expected Putin to keep his word when he lied about Russian forces withdrawing from Syria three months ago.  Perhaps he thought that Commissar of State John Kerry's taking a swing at attempting to crack a threat a couple of weeks ago was actually going to have Vlad quaking in his Guccis.

Yep, Pajama Boy is now the face of the new United States military, my friends.  The pride is just bursting out of your chests, is it not?

Warren confirmed Russia is also building a forward-operating base near the ancient city of Palmyra, where Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists were defeated in March by a joint effort between Russia, Syria, and Iran.

Out of which they pointedly ordered us to stay.  And we did.


Exit question: Sure is starting to resemble the staging area for Daniel 11, isn't it?

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