Thursday, May 26, 2016

The American Spirit: Tea Parties and Republican Clubs

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Last night I had the blessed opportunity to give a speech at a Republican Club in Rancho Cucamonga.  The Chaffey Republican Women's Federated filled the room with ladies, and a few gentlemen, who desire to be active in politics, and to make a difference in their community.  The venue was a restaurant, the Magic Lamp Inn, resting along Foothill Boulevard a good hop, skip and a jump west of Interstate 15 between the I-10 and the I-210.  I suppose you could say the quaint establishment that has been there since 1955 is tucked along the northwest corner of the Inland Empire, and the eastern edge of the huge metropolitan area some people simply call Los Angeles.  I spoke for a little over half hour, and entertained questions for another half hour.  From the conversations I had before the event began, the questions I fielded, and a number of discussions I was engaged in after my presentation had ended, it was not difficult to see that from a political standpoint, folks are nervous, yet cautiously optimistic.  The presidency of Barack Obama has been destructive to the American System, and a number of the attendees I spoke to verbalized that surely America has come to its senses and will avoid the Democrat Party in terms of the White House, for a while.  However, Donald Trump is not necessarily what conservative and constitutionally minded people were hoping for.  He's not the first choice, but in the eyes of the vast majority, he's what we got and it's important to support him.  After all, pretty much everyone said to me, "He's not Hillary Clinton."

The general feeling is that though Mr. Trump may not be an ideal choice, nor even a decent choice, he's not "evil" like Monica Lewinski's ex-boyfriend's wife.

This is a turning point in history, I believe.  The same kind of turning point that spurned the birth of the Tea Party during the 2008 Election Cycle, and the same kind of turning point that encouraged Republican Groups and Clubs to grow at an exponential rate as the presidency of Barack Obama proceeded to dismantle the fundamental foundation of the American System.  This time, however, the turning point is one that will move us away from the darker days of the Obama administration, and towards some kind of rebirth of constitutionalism and American Patriotism.  The opposition is powerful and relentless, folks.  We must understand this will not be easy.  The opposition will become more vicious and more deceptive as we begin to grab hold of our country.  Understand, if we begin to get this turned around, the Democrat Party will become like a vicious animal trapped in a corner.  They will do anything to hang on to what they believe they have accomplished and gained under the Obama administration's run.  That said, under new leadership, we have nowhere to go but up.

Optimism that speaks of an America that is renewed is not emerging because people believe Trump is the source of that renewal.  He's just the guy that's not as bad as Obama, and is not as bad as the Clinton Crime Family.  He's the big hammer in the rock yard that, if wielded properly, and guided by We the People in a manner that many folks believe we may be finally up to, can seal the borders, stop the Muslim invasion under the guise of refugee migration, and keep the U.S. Supreme Court from ruling for generations in the hands of the hard communist Democrat Party left because of an appointment, or two (or more).

All of the other stuff are minor storylines.

The media says the Tea Party is dead.  In my experiences right here in Southern California, that is not true.  And, to be honest, the Tea Party has expanded in ways the naysayers never seem willing to recognize.  Last night's group that I spoke to was a women's Republican Club, but it had the same fervor and attitude of a Tea Party.  I am a member of the Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly, and that group also has a little bit of a Tea Party attitude.  So does my Constitution Association group.  In other words, the Tea Party is no longer just the Tea Party.  The optimism and determination that was the Tea Party is now an attitude that has infiltrated throughout this country, providing a guiding hand for a large number of groups and clubs.  The Tea Party has encouraged Americans to stand firm, and be involved.  They are determined that We the People, even with someone like Trump in office, can reclaim the American System, and restore the U.S. Constitution.

Sure, we know there is no quick fix.  We can't flip a switch, instantly restore full liberty, and make everything the way it is supposed to be.  But, we can began the long fight to get back to where we must be in the future so that our Posterity is not asking us what America was once like when it was free.  The leftist progressive liberal Democrat opposition is relentless, and deceptive.  Their propaganda has an incredibly large and broad impact.  The uninformed, if you can talk to them without mentioning party, however, are actually often quite conservative.  It's just that the propaganda by the liberal left progressive radicals of the Democrat Party have convinced these people that Republicans, Tea Partiers, and Christians are evil, racist, bigoted, discriminatory, radical, extreme, and downright bad for America.

The statists in control of the Democrat Party are nothing new.  We've seen them throughout history destroy civilizations, fully believing they were protecting society.  The problem is, theirs is an ideology of destruction.  It destroys liberty, destroys individualism, destroys free markets, destroys communities, destroys families, destroys morality, and destroys the very lives of the people they claim they are trying to give a benefit to.  They are the current of a river; relentless, merciless, and constant.  I think folks are realizing that.  This is not a quick fight.  It's a marathon.  And it may get a lot worse before it gets better.  The opposition is very skilled at collectivism, propaganda, and agitation.  They create chaos and disruption through violent protests, riots and hateful rhetoric. . . and then they convince their minions and followers that it is the other side that is truly guilty of these things.

A friend of mine says that politics will not fix our country.  It is not up to the Republicans, or the Democrats.  Trump, Cruz, or some other future political figure will not be the bandage that finally stops the bleeding.  It will take the resolve of the American People, a return to being a Godly society, and a return to a system where the States are the parents over the federal government, not one where the central system in Washington D.C. is the master over the States.  Our churches (or at least the ones willing to help us fight the good fight), Tea Parties, Republican Clubs and Constitution-based organizations are the cogs in the machine that will eventually turn this around, and give to our Posterity an America that functions properly and in accordance with the United States Constitution.

As it gets dark, and the enemy is at the gates, and we begin to fear that perhaps all may be lost, never forget that it is always darkest before the dawn.  It's going to get tough.  It's going to get difficult.  We are getting ready to go through a very rough ride.  The turbulence is not over just yet.  But, we are on the side of truth - and we are the generation that will Reclaim the American System.

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