Monday, May 02, 2016

The Grim Trump Reaper, Coming For Congressional Republicans This Fall

by JASmius

Arkansas Republican Senator John Boozman said he would support the GOP presidential nominee, including if it is Donald Trump.

That was a grievous unforced error:

I have no idea how strong or weak a challenger Conner Eldridge is for Boozman's Senate seat, but with the coiffed millstone around Boozman's neck, how strong a challenger does Eldridge need to be?  That's going to be the case with every single Republican on every single ballot at every single level in every single precinct in the country as a starting point, but it might make it at least somewhat more difficult to make the Trump-stink stick to #NeverTrump candidates, versus the stummen schei├čt who do their Democrat opponents the favor of connecting those dots for them.

Again, the ten-month JASmius Echo Syndrome resonates:

Women are on the fence about Hillary. But these statements will force them to her in droves if it’s her versus Donald Trump in November. What’s more, people will vote down ticket for the Democrats in the other races because Trump will have tainted the Republican brand so badly.

Which is, of course, his core mission.

Ya can't say you weren't warned, Trumpies.  And you WILL be held responsible.  I guarantee it.

UPDATE: Mitchie the Kid has signed Senate Republicans' death warrant:

"I know this is going to disappoint you," McConnell, of Kentucky, chuckled, "But I have, in a thoroughly disciplined way, avoided inserting myself into the presidential campaign. And I think I'm going to continue that pattern and support the nominee of our party, whomever that may be."

True to form, he also abjures any criticism of front-runner Trump. [emphasis added]

Ordinarily, neutrality and "party man-ism" would be acceptable and prudent in his position.  But Donald Trump is electoral toxic waste; for congressional 'Pubbies to survive, they have to make Trump a nominee without a party.  #NeverTrump for them is the only path to surviving the extinction level event to come.

I guess Senator McConnell doesn't mind going back to being Minority Leader again - for the rest of his career.

UPDATE II: You know that massive media/Democrat Party carpeting-bombing turn on Trump I've been warning y'all about?  Here it comes, to the tune of $20 million in six weeks.  Enjoy it, Trumplicans.  I know I will.

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