Sunday, May 08, 2016

Trump Declares The De-Reaganization Of The GOP

by JASmius

I guess words no longer mean things, but back when I learned them, I know what these words would have meant:

But don’t forget: this is called the Republican party. It’s not called the Conservative Party. You know, there are Conservative parties. This is called the Republican party.

Officially speaking, prior to five days ago, the Republican party WAS the conservative party in this country.  It was the conservative party in this country for the past thirty-six years, ever since Ronald Reagan finished what Barry Goldwater started and provided the conservative movement with a national political platform and vehicle.  Those days are clearly over, at least for the next six months, and maybe indefinitely despite Trump's inevitable November defeat.

No wonder one of the Gipper's sons has declared himself to be #NeverTrump:

Michael Reagan tells the Wall Street Journal this weekend that there are many candidates and commentators who discuss and try to claim his father's aura and legacy, but most fall short – including Donald Trump.

The eldest son of President Reagan and heir to his conservative mantle, Reagan told the Journal he does not plan to participate in this year's presidential election and will have nothing to do with either Trump or Hillary Clinton....

Lessons My Father Taught Me organized into several life lessons on family, marriage, and more, also shows how the late president was open to negotiations with members of both parties, and how he avoided insulting politicians who had different views.

"If we want to win on the Republican side, we’ve got to be more likable and relatable," Reagan told the paper.

Reagan endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich for the nomination, but Tuesday afternoon, when Donald Trump was on the way to winning in Indiana, the president's son mourned the party's changes on Twitter, tweeting: "The Republican Party is no longer the Party of Reagan." It is "now the Party of Trump." [emphases added]

In other words, deceased.  Not unlike the Gipper himself.

Or at least in an indefinite coma.  We'll have to check for any signs of life starting six months from now.  Mental health treatments are always advancing, after all.

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