Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Trump To Join The Fight For $15?

by JASmius

Now that he's got the Republican nomination in the bag, and doesn't need to pander to Trumplicans anymore, and knows that they'll rabidly turn out for him no matter what he does or says, we're about to see an unprecedented level of "flexibility" from Donald J. Trump - just as I've been warning for the past ten and a half months:

In an interview on Wednesday, your new Republican candidate for president [was] told [by] Wolf Blitzer....that Bernie Sanders has been attacking him for wanting to keep the federal minimum wage at $7.25/hr. Trump’s response?

I’m looking at that, I’m very different from most Republicans.” said Trump, still pretending he is one....

“But you’re open to raising the minimum wage?” said Blitzer.

I’m open to doing something with it, because I don’t like that,” said Trump. [emphases added]

"That" presumably referring to Sanders attacking him.  Why he didn't call him "Lyin' Bernie" and dismiss Sanders as "that crazy, wild-eyed, unkempt old Depends-filler" is a question that Trumpidians might want to start contemplating, even though it's now too late for any Damascus Road moments.  As well as whether they've gained a new-found enthusiasm for spiking unemployment and shuttering more small businesses from the federal level.

Oh, but don't worry, he passive/aggressived himself in off that leftwingnut ledge - or so he thought:

“But what I really do like is bring our jobs back so they’re making more $15 an hour.”

Another not-so-veiled reference to his planned and plotted anti-trade blitzkrieg to come, that would destroy far more remaining American jobs than absurdly hiking the federal minimum wage.

But one ignorant blunder at a time, I suppose.

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