Sunday, May 08, 2016

Trump: Who Needs Unity?

by JASmius

He does, actually.  Especially him, as a matter of fact, given the Everest-esque uphill struggle the general election campaign is going to be for him.  He also seems to have forgotten - or just doesn't give a shit, which is more likely - that the responsibility and onus is on him, as the presumptive nominee, to reach out to primary opponents and factions and reconcile with them and bring them back into the fold, not on them to click their heels together, extend their arms, and bellow "Hail, Donald!  Hail, Donald!" in parade ground unison.

See, here's what Trumplicans don't want to admit, assuming they retain sufficient mental acuity to even understand it: A candidate cannot just waltz into the party, spend the entire primary campaign telling everybody who opposes him - 60% of it, in other words, which by my not inconsiderable math skills constitutes a majority - to piss off, and after VERY hostiley taking it over, demand and command their instant subservience.  That's an even bigger "EFF YOU!" to that 60% than the ones he's been hurling at them for nearly a year.

They don't like you, Donnie.  You do not own their support; it belongs to them to bestow or withhold as they choose.  You must humbly and graciously ask for it and earn it.  It is not yours to command.

A leader, someone worthy of the office he/she seeks, would understand that.  Would understand that the President of the United States is supposed to serve the people, not rule them, starting with the members of their own party.  But Donald Trump is not a leader, and is neither worthy of nor fit for the highest office in the land.

And he's now decided that he can defeat Hillary Clinton from the base of the tenth of the electorate that thinks he's Jesus Christ with better hair:

Does the party have to be together? Does it have to be unified? I’m very different than everybody else, perhaps, that’s ever run for office. I actually don’t think so.

Well, he's definitely right about that much - he is, indeed, "very different than everybody else that's ever run for [president].  Which is to say, he's a purblind, conceited idiot that, in any other time but the current era of conventional insanity, couldn't even have gotten elected to the local sewage commission of Muleshoe, Texas.  And now he wants the nuclear launch codes.

Or, rather, wants Mrs. Clinton to have them, since he's guaranteed she will anyway.

I can hardly wait to see the look on Trumpoid faces when their hero is seated in a place of honor on the U.S. Capitol platform at Hillary's inauguration next January, neon-orange face beaming in triumph.

And just think folks: Now it's too late.

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