Saturday, May 21, 2016

Unpopular Trump Getting Popular, Says New Poll

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I keep hearing that Trump can't win the general election in November because he has such a bad unfavorability rating.  Fifty-six percent has an unfavorable view of Trump (which, actually, is an improvement because he was at 65 percent two months ago, a record for a GOP contender).  When I am told Trump has a high unfavorability rating, I remind folks that the people saying he can't beat Hillary Clinton are the same people who said he'd never win the GOP nomination.  They said that when push came to shove, people would run from Donald Trump.  However, it seems Mr. Trump is beginning to do in the Presidential Election the same thing he did in the GOP Race. . . defy conventional wisdom.

Those pundits screaming Trump will fail underestimates the movement he represents.

Donald Trump is now ahead of Hillary Clinton in two new polls.  The fear of Hillary Clinton by Republicans, and the dislike of Hillary by Bernie Sanders supporters, is creating an interesting coalition of voters behind the businessman known for his hotels, towers, and "apprentice" reality shows.

Trump leads over Clinton 42 to 37 percent in a general-election presidential match-up, according to a Rasmussen poll released Thursday.

A Fox News survey out Wednesday night found similar results — with Trump up by 45-42 percent.

Still, it's early, and nobody puts anything past the Clinton Machine, and Hillary's ability to manipulate and claw her way into the White House.  There is plenty of time until November.  That said, there's also plenty of time for Trump to pull it all together, and beat Hillary.  Remember, nobody expected him to finish atop a dog pile of 17 GOP candidates; yet, look at what we've got and where Trump is now!
Hillary, however, is not out there alone.  Her allies in the entertainment industry and the mainstream media will kick into high gear their attacks against Trump.  The question is, will that even work?

In truth, the liberal media has been doing everything they can to destroy Trump, and it is backfiring.  The same thing that happened to the GOP candidates who faced Trump in the primaries is now beginning to happen to the Democrats, and Hillary Clinton.  Every time the media attacks Trump, he goes up in the polls.  The overall power slant the media possesses may not be sliding in general, but against Trump it seems that the public is seeing through the lies.  Americans don't trust the media.  So, we must ask, "Is it that people are beginning to support Trump because they don't believe the media? Is their distrust of the media actually encouraging them to support Trump?"

The media is not dead.  They are not about to roll over and give up.  But, they don't know what to do about Trump - the man who voters believe is outside the political machine, outside the establishment, and outside the reach of the liberal left biased news media.

The emerging book about Trump's 2016 run for President is still in its early chapters.  I have a feeling the ending might have a delightful twist.

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JASmius said...

Trump isn't getting more popular; Hillary is getting ***less*** popular thanks to the "Bern-feelers"' bitter-ender-ism.