Friday, May 06, 2016

Welcome To Londonabad

by JASmius

In the slightly crazed words of Twelve Monkeys' Jennifer Goines, "The times, they are a CHANGIN!"  And this story is a big sign of them:

Sadiq Khan of Britain’s main opposition Labour Party won election as London’s first Muslim mayor, beating the Conservatives’ Zac Goldsmith after a bitterly fought and divisive campaign.

i.e. The Tories tried to warn London voters against the self-dhimmization that elevating Khan would represent, and London voters didn't listen - by a blowout margin.

Khan, who faced a Tory onslaught that questioned whether his links in the Muslim community made him a suitable person to keep the U.K. capital secure, won 1.3 million votes, compared with 995,000 for Goldsmith after second-preference votes from the other 10 candidates were "reallocated".

Ah, yes, the overcrowded field leads to the election of the Trojan horse candidate.  Where have I seen that dynamic manifested recently?  Let me think....

“This election was not without controversy and I’m so proud that London has today chosen hope over fear and unity over division,” a visibly emotional Khan said after the result was announced in London’s City Hall early on Saturday morning. “I hope that we will never be offered such a stark choice again. Fear doesn’t make us safer, it only makes us weaker and the politics of fear is simply not welcome in our city.”

Sometimes fear is rational and justified when bad things DO happen, and they are consistently perpetrated by members of ONE particular demographic.  Whereas "hope" is usually delusional and unfounded, especially when it runs counter to the overwhelming preponderance of the evidence.  Although Khan's invocation of that term does bespeak to the ongoing Muslim-communist alliance, which appears to be as strong as ever.

As to "unity," that's always easier to achieve when one knuckles under and surrenders to the enemy rather than standing against them and eventually defeating them.  Khan, in other words, did not earn those 1.3 million votes, he bamboozled them.  And so Londonabaders can polish their halos on how "enlightened" and "tolerant" and "inclusive" they are until a not inconsiderable portion of them perish in the now-guaranteed wave of jihadist attacks to come, which Khan will facilitate whether knowingly or just from being a leftwingnut.

I think it's pretty safe to say that London voters indeed will never be offered such a stark choice again, though.  Now that Islam rules Britainistan's capital and largest city, they will not permit it.

Khan, who became the first Muslim to attend U.K. cabinet meetings under Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2009, becomes the most powerful member of that faith in elected office in Britain, in charge of an annual budget of 17 billion pounds ($25 billion) and responsible for policing, the transport network, planning and the environment in the U.K. capital. [emphasis added]

It only took the Muzzies seven years from start to finish - a comparatively short time - to take over London.  And now the thaealab will be guarding the qun alddijaj.  Perfect.

For the inevitable exit vid, I was going to use this....

....but I'll save that for after London has been reduced to dust, and settle for this more subdued and thematically appropriate version.

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