Friday, June 03, 2016

Benny's Subs' All-Star Status

By Douglas V. Gibbs, Author, Speaker, Radio Host, Instructor

Yours Truly, Mr. Constitution, has lived in Murrieta since 1989.  I have lived in the Inland Empire since 1979.  I was born in Southern California half of a century ago.  In my hometown of Murrieta, there are certain places that everyone knows of, visits often, and are essentially staples of the community.  Unfortunately, I am only now getting to know them.

With 27 years in the area, it amazes some that I've never been to the Balloon and Wine Festival, I've never taken a tour of a winery in Temecula's wine country, I've never attended any of the Rod Runs, I've not had a meal at The Mill Restaurant, and until today, I had not had the chance to have a sandwich at Benny's Subs on Madison and Los Alamos.

The place has been around for 15 years.  While I was there eating my meal, I noticed that the line never gave up.  As someone got their meal, another one or two would get in line - a line already with a couple folks having their sandwich made.  The place buzzed with conversation, and happy diners.  One can tell a lot about a business by how busy it is.  The location is centralized in Murrieta, and the layout is perfect, with a combination of tables with benches, and a few tables with chairs - some high, some low.

I told the gentleman who was making my sandwich that this was my first time, and he grinned and asked what took me so long.  "I'm guilty," I said.  "I just haven't had the chance."

I got a large California Chicken with avocado and bacon, Potato Salad, and tea.  Good stuff.  In fact, I feel like I've been missing out.  We have a large number of sandwich shops in the area, but nothing holds a candle to what I experienced in Benny's.  Fresh bread, fresh ingredients, and healthy to boot.  The potato salad was better than Grandma's homemade, and it was a nice alternative to chips (though chips are available, too!).  A soft collection of classic rock made the environment even more like home.  Beatles, Queen, and so forth.

As for the gentleman I talked to, I told him about what I do (Constitution Guy. . . Radio, Classes, Public Speaking, Books), and he says, "You can advertise your books and your radio show here no problem.  Put up a sheet over there.  Put you flyers there."

The shelf has a plethora of things, from newspapers to business cards to flyers.

"I like to help people," he said.

I asked him what he thought about working at this place.

"I'm Benny," he said.  "It's my place."

That explained him giving me permission to advertise what I do with my books, radio show, and classes without having to worry about asking the boss.

He also told me he was working on a new website, to make it interactive, and give folks a chance to advertise on his site, as well.

I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. . . with the sandwiches, I mean.  Benny is pretty awesome, too.

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