Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bilderbergers Meet Resistance

By Douglas V. Gibbs,
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The Bilderberg meetings draw the angst of conspiracy theorists. . . but one must ask, "Is it really a conspiracy "theory"?  Or is there some truth to the accusations of a global agenda by those associated with the Bilderberg group?

The 64th Bilderberg Conference was held this year in Dresden, Germany.  Rich, powerful, and secretive global elites gather at these meetings.  They are bankers, prime ministers, and former heads of the CIA and MI6.  No minutes are taken.  No outsiders, including reporters, are allowed in.  There is never a press conference because the attendees are sworn to secrecy.

It is believed by protesters and conspiracy theorists that this is where the true global agenda, the New World Order, is massaged and cared for.  These people are the ruling class that uses war as an investment and control mechanism, and this is the place where leaders are made, and the direction of global governance is decided upon.

The Conference ran from June 9 through the 12th.  126 participants were on hand to discuss global agendas regarding energy, commodities, migration, banking, and war.  Bill Clinton attended the year before he suddenly was thrust out of obscurity into the White House.  Tony Blair was an unknown until after his invitation in 1993.

The main glut of participants, however, are the bankers.  The monetary system is a constant concern, and manipulation is a must.  Otherwise, the globalists might lose a grip on everything.

I suppose the idea that a small group of rich elites controlling the world with puppet-strings may seem a little far-fetched to some.  Perhaps they don't actually have the power they believe they have.  But, the reality is, they "believe" they have that kind of power.  Even if the Bilderbergers don't have that kind of power, as long as they believe they do, they will try to make decisions to manipulate the global stage as it pertains to markets, geopolitics, and governmental policy of various countries.

Why else would the most powerful people in the world gather together like this?

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