Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fatality in Venezuela Food Riots

By Douglas V. Gibbs,
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Venezuela is a shining example of what can happen when leftists socialists, liberals, progressives, and simply those who believe like the Democrat Party in the United States, gets full control over a country.  The once proud Venezuela, rich in oil, and sporting a vibrant local culture, is now a failed socialist nation filled with violence, strife, and hunger.  The legacy of Hugo Chavez is failure.  The hope of the Venezuelan people is dead because of big government socialism.

The scene in Venezuela is a disastrous economy and a growing right-of-center opposition who has Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro scrambling for scapegoats.  Of course, as was the habit of his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, Maduro blames America, and capitalism for the collapse of Venezuela.  The essentials of life are in short supply. The government cannot provide as it promised.  The ousting of the socialist president seems eminent.

Children are being robbed in broad daylight, and food riots have grabbed hold of the country.  The scenery looks more like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie.  Venezuela's government isn't even capable of keeping law and order.  Murder, drug trafficking, and heavily armed gangs roaming the streets seems to have become the norm.  Explosions and attacks are no longer news.  It's now the norm.  People don't have food, electricity, or basic medical supplies.  And without those things, the humanity the population once possessed has become a animalistic desire to survive. . . which means in some cases, anything goes.

So far this month there has been four fatalities, with the latest being a man shot dead during food riots.  Another 27 were injured during that day. Simultaneous looting plagues the cities, with hundreds of businesses emptied by desperate crowds.  The Venezuelan National Guard has confronted crowds, but the sheer number of the hungry is overwhelming the government.

The cause is failed socialist economic policies. Leftism.  This is the chaos that big government control of the means of production always leads to.


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