Friday, June 17, 2016

Foundation of a Free Society

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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We are seeing a deterioration of our free society because the liberal left anti-constitution crowd has been pecking away at the very foundation of our system.  The focus of their attacks have been on the foundation, yet we are running around in circles trying to put our spot fires.

To reclaim the republic, we must understand the foundation, the principles that go along with the foundation in the pages of the U.S. Constitution, and then we must act to correct what is wrong.

The foundation is:

A Godly Society.

An Informed Public.


A Free Market.

Our constitutional system stands on those four legs.  While each of these four things are important on their own, each needs the other.  A public not informed about the other three is unable to maintain a free society.  If we are not a Godly society, we are not capable of running the other three in an orderly and fair manner.  If localism is not in place, and a strong central system is in control internally instead, the public's voice will be drowned out, and it won't matter how Godly they are, or how well they are at performing in a free market, the central system will gain control and quell the other three.  If we don't have a free market, our system cannot become prosperous.  Without abundance, the public is powerless, localism is fighting for its own financial survival, and the forces against God use their riches to rid the system of any moral standards in order to further control the public by declaring that government is their god.  Natural Rights come from being a Godly Society.  The Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the concept of the rule of law all are founded in each of the legs.  Freedom and an orderly society are the result of a moral and godly society populated by an informed public who values localism and operates in a free market.

The attacks against these four legs that form the foundation of a free society are constant, and defined.  In today's society we see the attacks clearly for what they are.

  • A Godly Society: Eliminated prayer from schools, working to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance, Political Correctness imposed prohibitions against things like saying Merry Christmas, or "God Bless You," the gay agenda, abortion, transgenderism and the bathroom controversy, etc.
  • An Informed Public: Common Core.  The liberal left takeover of education, the entertainment industry, and the mainstream media.  History is being revised, and there are numerous myths in place regarding the U.S. Constitution that just are not true.
  • Localism: State Sovereignty and municipal local control is under attack, and has been for along time.  The 17th Amendment was one of the attacks against the sovereignty of the States.  Federal intrusion on issues like land use through the sustainable development agenda.  We can even go so far as federal intrusion regarding marriage, bathrooms, and the other social issues.  Constitutionally, those are State issues, not something the federal government can dictate to the States regarding.
  • A Free Market: Economic manipulation by the federal government and global actors is in full swing.  The federal reserve is a culprit, as is other manipulative strategies based on failed Keynesian economic theories.  When a populace is too broke to care about anything other than trying to feed themselves, they are not too good at being politically involved, or fighting back against tyranny.
The ultimate weapon we have is the Second Amendment.  If we are unable to physically stand against tyranny, the administrative attack we are seeing in the above examples becomes that much simpler to accomplish.  A government that fears the people is a government that protects the union, the people, and their rights.  A people that fears the government are subjects who are directed by mandates and control orchestrated by an elite ruling class.

If our system resides on a firm foundation of Godliness, education (informed), localism, and a vibrant free market not hampered by interference by the federal government, liberty will continue to reign, and we will continue to be the land of the free.  Destroy any of those pillars holding up the system, and we collapse.

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