Saturday, June 18, 2016

IRS Non-Requirement

By Anita in Canada

From the Tea Party "The House earlier this week passed legislation that erases the IRS requirement that nonprofit charities in annual tax returns disclose their donors' identities". This is a major win for Tea Party Patriots, as we have been working for months to get this legislation passed.

Here in Canada you have to disclose to the Federal Govt ALL income even if you are a non profit. And have to issue a tax form for anything over $10.

So the Feds get to see where every dollar comes from.

I have had to issue these Fed forms myself for political party.

Our non profit Medical Mercy Canada that does overseas work, has to issue the same forms. MMC gets a lot of cash donations and at the end of a function it all has to be accounted for to the Feds.

Of course people can always elect to give to their favorite charity through their lawyer, their company, many other ways, so that your name does not show up on a receipt.

I think it is a better way the way we do it in Canada.

The way that the Tea Party wants it done (non disclosure) will make graft even worse, as far as I can see, unless I am missing something.

Editor's Note: Anita, here's what is missing.  Donors are avoiding giving money because the IRS is targeting them if they donate to conservative or Christian charities.  By erasing the necessity to disclose the donors' identities, it will encourage charitable giving by conservative donors.  That said, I see your concern, but the concern of the IRS acting in a manner that is tyrannical is a bigger concern.  Personally, I think the 16th Amendment should be repealed, and there should be no direct taxation by the federal government as originally intended by the Founding Fathers.  Prior to direct taxation, and income tax withholding, the federal government was able to be funded for what they did no problem.  If there is a concern about if there would be enough money, remember, over 85% of federal spending is unconstitutional.  The bill being referred to by Anita is H.R. 5053.

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