Sunday, June 12, 2016

Los Angeles Terrorist Attack Averted

By Douglas V. Gibbs, Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

After a deadly shooting in Orlando, Florida at a gay nightclub, the Los Angeles Pride Festival was also a target by Islamic terrorists.  The California attack, however, was averted when police arrested a suspect in Santa Monica with various firearms and explosives that may have been intended for the Los Angeles Pride Festival later on during the day on Sunday.  Law enforcement was responding to a call of a possible prowler in the area and found the man sitting by his car. When he told them he was a waiting for a friend, police became suspicious and searched the car.

Inside the car, along with a variety of firearms, was five pounds of powder explosives.  The suspect told authorities he was in town for the L.A. Pride Festival, an event expected to draw more than 400,000 people in West Hollywood.

Next to the car was a gas can, some camouflage gear and a backpack. The car had Indiana license plates, and due to the insect debris on it, it is believed it had recently made a long trip.

While this situation in Southern California may not be associated in any way with the Orlando shooting, we must understand that this is what Islam does.  They don't need to coordinate.  Muslims know how to, and desire to, commit violent jihad against non-Muslims, and especially Christians and homosexuals.

Expect more of the same as we continue to import Islamic jihadists into our country under the guise of them being "refugees" and "migrants."

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Call Me Mom said...

They are coordinated by the doctrines of islam.