Monday, June 13, 2016

Muslim Migrants Torch Resident Hall After Anger Regarding Ramadan

By Douglas V. Gibbs,
 AuthorSpeaker,InstructorRadio Host

While the Muslim community, and representatives from mosques and CAIR, feed us a line of bull about how they are sorry about what happened when a Muslim opened fire killing 50 people at a Florida nightclub, the reality we are faced with is that Islam is violent, and destruction is their game.  

In Germany, a large fire at a conference center serving as a residence for Muslim refugees was set deliberately by migrants who were angry because of Ramadan.

160 lived in the center.  Racial conflict and violence has been a concern before.

When the Muslim residents were not awakened in time for their Ramadan breakfast, a fire was set, and the center was burned to the ground.

About 280 migrants were evacuated from the site, and approximately 30 of them were treated for smoke inhalation.  Two arrests followed the fire, migrants who were boasting about setting the fire.  Later, the number of refugees arrested rose to six.

The Muslim refugees and guards have also been known to deliver beatings of Christian migrants in the care of the German state.

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