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Navy Commodore Loses Job Over Iran's Capture of Navy Sailors

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By Douglas V. Gibbs
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As a Navy veteran from what seems to be a bygone era I was sickened over the "arrest" of ten Navy sailors in what was claimed to be Iranian waters on January 12, 2016.  I wasn't sickened as much by what the Iranians did, however, as much as I was at the spineless surrender by the American Navy sailors.  The guns were not even loaded, and there was no attempt to resist capture by the enemy.  Then, after captured, the sailors became jelly, crying and whimpering, and allowing the female to have a scarf put over her head.  Even worse was the apology by the leading officer of the ten.  It should have been "name, rank, serial number" only.  Nothing more, nothing less.  No cooperation, no tears, and if the Iranians were as hostile as I am believing they were, there should have been either a bunch of dead Iranians, or ten dead sailors.

The aftermath of the incident has indeed led to the forced relieving of command by the Navy commodore in charge of those sailors.  And, those sailors captured by Iran are facing disciplinary action

The reasoning?  The fact that they strayed into "Iranian waters" in the first place.

I have wondered if the action was orchestrated by the Obama administration.  Sounds like the kind of false-flag crap Obama would pull.

The commodore of Commander Task Force (CTF) 56 is was Captain Kyle Moses.  He was the high-ranking officer in charge of the two Navy boats operated by crews based in Kuwait.  A report, due out on June 30th, covers the events surrounding the January incident now that the investigation is complete.

The Navy crew was inexperienced and running late to make a rendezvous at a refueling point in the Persian Gulf when the capture took place, according to officials.

The detention of the American crew came the same day as President Obama’s State of the Union address when the President was proclaiming that terrorism is no longer a problem.  The incident toyed with his narrative, and the liberal left didn't like it.  What I liked even less was the response of the two five-person crews to the capture.

The excuse used after the incident was that the Navy patrol boats had “misnavigated” into Iranian territorial waters. The second in command of the riverine squadron, Commander Eric Rasch, was fired from his job last month.

According to defense officials, that was just the beginning of a “multitude of errors” that led to the capture of the U.S. Navy crews.

The Navy indicates there was no navigation brief, a major violation of Navy protocol; the chain of command was not well defined on the two boats - which lead to a refusal to follow orders by the helmsman when he was told to evade the Iranian forces; and according to Fox News, the Navy had become too complacent with its treatment by Iranian forces in the months leading up to the January capture.

“The story here is these guys had gotten so used to Iranians doing stupid s---, having weapons pointed at them all the time, they didn’t know they were being captured until the Iranians boarded their boats,” one defense official said describing the lack of situational awareness by the Navy crew. “They messed up pretty bad.”

Boy, I'll say.

The punishments have not been announced.

Another error was the apologies from not only the captured Navy lieutenant (name, rank, serial number ONLY DAMMIT!!!), but from the Obama administration and the Navy brass.

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei awarded medals to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard crew who detained the American sailors. In February, a reenactment of the sailors' capture was displayed during parades around Iran celebrating the 1979 Iranian Revolution.  A monument is also scheduled to be erected.

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