Thursday, June 16, 2016

Orlando Aftermath: AR-15 Sales Skyrocket, Gay Population Armed, Immigration Issue Important, Leftists Blame GOP

By Douglas V. Gibbs,
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Omar Mateen and the Islamic jihad try to spread fear, but instead they encourage resolve. . .

Of course they are.  The American People understand that the true safety of liberty lies in the arming of the public.  Good guys with guns make societies safer.  As for the AR-15, it is a rifle with a bunch of cosmetic stuff to make it like more military-like.  The military uses it, but it was originally a civilian gun.  The AR-15 has been the top selling rifle in America, and this now makes it more so.  The more the liberal left Democrats go after guns, the more pro-gun people they create in this country.

Islamists in the Middle East throw homosexuals from the tops of buildings, hang them, or torture them before beheading them. . . while homosexuality runs rampant through their own ranks.  The Koran depicts paradise as having naked boys serving you for eternity, along with the other carnal perks.  One thing the gay community is learning: The best way to stop evil if it is in your face and threatening to kill you is to kill it. . . therefore, gun sales are surging among that population.

I don't believe Mateen chose the gay nightclub because of the homosexuals in the joint, but because he wanted to kill.  He did it because that is what Islam does.  They kill infidels.  Killing homosexual infidels is simply icing on the cake for them. Gays know they are targets of the Islamic jihad.  Now, that said, what do you think this will do for the Democrats in the election, with their strong gun control push suddenly taking shape?  Do you think the gay community will be so quick to vote Democrat?  Contrary to popular opinion, in a massacre, gays want to live, and they know that good guys with a gun beats bad guys with a gun every time.

The illegal alien flood is not just a legal issue, and a health issue, but it is a national security issue.  I told al Jazeera America, when I was on the air with them a year and a half ago that one in three illegals crossing the border are of Middle Easter descent.  Islam has declared war on America, and the latest manifestation of that war is ISIS.  ISIS is not stupid.  They know we have a porous border.  Why wouldn't they use, as a weapon of war, our open border to insert their fighters into our country?

A reporter for Fox News, Peter Doocy, while reporting on the aftermath of the Orlando Shooting, remarked about the eeriness of a silent room full of bodies, with the only sound being the phones of those folks ringing as their family and friends try to contact them to see if they are okay. Even more eerie is that as he was killing people, Mateen took to Facebook to pledge his loyalty to ISIS and threaten more attacks on the civilized world.  Social media is a valuable tool for folks like me trying to do the right thing.  But tools can be also used for evil.  The problem is not the tool, its the person handling that tool, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or a gun.

“I pledge my alliance to (ISIS leader) abu bakr al Baghdadi..may Allah accept me,” Mateen wrote in one post early Sunday morning. “The real muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the west” …“You kill innocent women and children by doing us taste the Islamic state vengeance.”

In France, the killer of an off-duty police commander was streamed by the killer on social media.  The gruesome attack was there for all to see.  Now, these internet corporations and the government are scrambling to figure out how they can prevent such things from happening.  We warned.  In the attempt, the censoring of other things they believe to be not good may also be a target to their attempt to protect the public from such gruesome videos.  In an attempt to give us security, they may propose a loss of liberty.

Christians, conservatives, constitutionalists, and the like are also opposed to the gay movement.  We believe homosexuality to be an aberration not good for society, and that when we abandon our moral compass the slippery slope will lead to more destructive things.  That said, the "right wing" also believes in the rule of law, and freedom.  Therefore, I may not agree with your lifestyle, but as long as you are not using it to interrupt my life, do what you will.  The gay agenda, however, sees it differently.  They believe they must silence all opposition with the force of law, outlawing dissenting opinion, and forcefully shutting down businesses who dare not to serve them in the manner they demand - be it baking cakes, making pizzas, taking photographs, or providing ceremonies.  So, yes, there is a divide between "right wingers" and the homosexual community.  Does that mean the Right poses a threat to gays?  Think about it for a moment.  We are all armed, we believe in being armed, we believe in shooting our guns so that we can be good shots.  If we were a threat, it would be more than accusations by the liberal left that would confirm such a thing.  The shooting in Orlando was performed by a Muslim who adheres to the deep principles of Islam, and was committing jihad against the infidel.  The accuse "right wing extremists" of even being capable of the same kind of carnage is irresponsible, erroneous, and designed to push a leftist narrative designed to silence any opposition to left-wing political reasoning.

By the way, can't we say that Hillary Clinton is complicit in the Islamic terrorist problem?

Should we have tighter security?  In the name of understanding that there is an Islamic ideology out there that has declared war on us, absolutely.  But, let's profile.  Let's understand and admit who the enemy is.  The enemy is not nuns and little children traveling with their parents.  The enemy is Islam, and those who adhere to the Koranic principles of Islam.

Orlando was only the beginning.  Terrorist attacks in America will be escalating.  They are destined to.  Through the guise of helping "refugees," we are literally importing enemy troops into our country.

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