Friday, June 24, 2016


Sing it! “I'm a racist, you're a racist, don't you want to be a racist too?”

Opinion by Allan McNew

It's been a progressive-socialist formula to have a beat down win without having an argument for over 50 years – allege oppression and racism mixed with name calling.

Chicano movement activist Jose Angel Gutierrez in the 1960's and those who followed in his footsteps organized communities with rhetoric like “The rich, land owning, (racist) gringos hate poor, migrant farm workers”, which could interchange with other occupations such as “Hospital aides, cooks, barbers, mechanics, butchers, truckers, masons, domestics, field hands, painters, housewives...” The potential list of oppressor and victim identity labels is endless.

There's always “Hate filled, misogynist Republicans want to deny health care to women”, which boils down to a contrived oppressor / victim argument over how far advanced a pregnancy has to be in order to consider a fetus to be alive or otherwise viable in regard to abortion. Feminists argue that life doesn't begin until birth has been accomplished, prosecutors file two charges of homicide whenever a woman of any stage of pregnancy of is murdered. Is the District Attorney a bigot by extension?

If a black man dies by the hand of a black cop, justified or not, the deceased is said to have been a victim of institutionalized white racism. If thousands of black men die by being murdered by other black men in Chicago the silence by race baiting activists is deafening.

Hillary Clinton's race and gender baiting to gin up votes fails to take into account that to perpetually offended, race baiting minority activists she's a white oppressor too, and some day, maybe sooner than later, people like Clinton, Pelosi and others will hear something like “what do you mean 'we', white woman?” There's nothing like decades of calculating white progressive-socialists using minority voting blocs to gain and wield political power like a sociopathic man uses women for sex to stir up bubbling resentment.

In Bernie Sanders' case the boogie man is the “one percent”, which could, by progressive-socialist, scab picking activist extension, include anyone who makes over $50K a year as an “evil, rich oppressor” - name calling pejoratives not applying to progressive-socialist billionaires who fund progressive-socialist ideological agenda. The argument boils down to “greedy, rich Republicans” purposefully victimizing the poor as well as college students with high education debt in order to keep them down. There's not one question as to why college is so unfordable today compared to real dollar cost in the 1960's, nor of the fact that college graduates now are more likely to be trained in college to be social change activists rather than learn anything that leads to an actual job, regardless of courses taken. It would also help the poor if progressive-socialists in government office wouldn't kill small and medium sized businesses with applied ideology.

Legal and economic issues on the southern border are spun into white racist hatred of brown skinned, Spanish speaking people. Discussion about radical Islamic terrorism and solutions, temporary or permanent becomes “racist hate speech” which ignores the fact that religion is not an indicator of race any more than language, surname, culture, occupation, or national origin is indicative of race and vice-versa.

You hear the spin all the time in the media, with quotes and situations taken out of context or even changed to fit the race hate narrative.

It's gotten so ridiculous it leaves one to wonder how many hate filled, bigotry laden faux paus one can commit while merely drinking a quiet morning cup of coffee while reading the newspaper in the solitary privacy of one's kitchen, and consequentially why should one even care about the decades of bigotry propaganda bombardment anymore?

Unfounded charges of racism is intended to change the subject from factual issues to "He denies he's a racist."

Have a heapin' bowl full of "white privilege", my friends. You'll be vilified regardless of what's really in your heart.

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