Thursday, June 02, 2016

Republican House Leaders Okay With "Illegal Aliens" Being Recruited Into the US Armed Forces

By Capt Joseph R. John, on May 31, 2016

Please read the below listed article about how Speaker Paul Ryan is allowing Obama to retain a provision in next year’s fiscal DOD budget to continue to fund the recruiting of “Illegal Aliens” from Mexico into the US Armed Forces, while there is no way to check the backgrounds of those “Illegal Aliens” from Mexico, to ensure they comply with national security provisions, and are not connected with the Mexican Drug Cartels.

The Republican leadership in Congress is allowing the recruiting of “Illegal Aliens” into the US Armed Forces at a time when 94 million Americans citizens are unemployed and could use employment in the US Armed Forces, and could easily fill the billets that “Illegal Aliens” will be filling instead. 

Speaker Ryan has the power of the purse, and could have prevented Obama from recruiting Mexican “Illegal Aliens” into the US Armed Forces, but he has done absolutely nothing to prevent it.  There is very little change between what Boehner let Obama get away with for 7 years, and what Ryan has been allowing Obama to get away with, ever since he became Speaker.  Ryan forced the Omnibus Spending Bill thru Congress, steam rolling over the Republicans Conservative Caucus; he was only able to get it approved thru October 1, 2016 by working very closely with Pelosi—it’s the first time any Speaker in US History betrayed the will of his Republican members.  

Ryan funded Obama’s Illegal Immigration policies (including giving Green Cards to 5 million Illegal Aliens), Obama’s Muslim Refugee Policy (allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslim Refugees to enter the US without allowing the FBI to vet them to determine if they have terrorist ties), Obama’s destructive anti-military policies (downsizing the military to weaken it to a level it was at, prior to WWII), and Obama’s Unconstitutional Fast Track Trade Bill (giving Green Cards to millions to Illegal Aliens from Mexico and 12 Pacific Rim nations, allowing them to undercut the wages of many millions of Americans, while authorizing an International Tribunal to govern all US trade policies, taking that authority away from the US Senate as outlined in the US Constitution). 

It now appears Ryan is working very closely with Pelosi and will again roll over the Republican Conservative Caucus, working with leftists Democrats to pass the next Omnibus Spending Bill, in order to continue the funding of  Obama’s Illegal Immigration, Muslim Refugee, anti-military, and Unconstitutional Fast Track Trade policies thru October 1, 2017, even though Obama will have been out of office for 9 months of that period. 

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